Email used only for this site hacked


I have changed my pwds etc since but the ONLY website on which I used a particular email was this one and someone accessed it from China. Just a heads up.

Not sure if this is right forum, redirect if not.


Can you elaborate ?

Did they access your email via this site, or just that particular email server ?


My email account was also recently hacked.

Probably a coincidence.


There is no useful link from the Pin back to your email account.

Were you using the same password for that email as elsewhere? Is the email hosted by a reputable provider?


This is probably really thick but how does such hacking show up?


Sometimes all your contacts suddenly get bombarded with spam from you.


Usually your account is used to send spam.

If you used your email when signing up for other sites (like Facebook etc) then access to your email can be leveraged to access your other accounts (using password recovery etc). Securing your email account is very important. If you use gmail turn on two-factor authentication and you’ll be asked to enter a code from an app on your phone when you log in from a new device.