Embedded youtube etc


Not seeing any embedded youtube on either internet explorer or firefox. Haven’t tried anything else. Is it my profile or something else?


Working for me in both of those.


Hasn’t worked for me in IE since I switched to Windows 8.


Lots of Black Boxes appearing where embedded stuff should be. I don’t think I have changed much locally (but I am guessing I have probably forgotten something). Any obvious suggestions welcome.


Seeing lots of black boxes myself. Just a recent development, having used Chrome/Windows 10 for ages now.


This is due to a change on YouTube’s side affecting embeds on various fora and requires some forum reconfig.


Thanks for clearing that up.


This should be working now. In addition, https YouTube links should work also.

Any issues, post a thread link here.


Hallelujah! At last!


Yup. Here’s one as a test.