Emigration goes full circle and nears record high of the 50s

There may be a lot more Canny McSavvys out there than we thought…


How do they know who goes on holiday and who emigrates? Do they count one way tickets?

How many people doing the leaving cert these days? Around 50,000 or so?

And 42,200 emigrated?


I am 25 years old - currently 75% of my friends are living and working abroad split 80/20 Oz/London. The Oz people will mainly return within a year or two (maybe 10% will stay for 4+ years if the right company sponsors them in the right job) but the London people are there for the foreseeable future. I am back doing a postgrad for the year and currently have a pretty good job offer starting back working with a different company in Dublin this September but now even I am wondering should I leave the country again or not.

I guess you could do it based off PPS numbers etc? People who were working and then weren’t and are not on the dole. I’m not sure how this would deal with people of non working age?

Or tickets from vs tickets to a particular destination?

Pretty obvious why people are going, it’s cost of living/quality of life issues.

Also, it’s a lot more common now for people to hook up with someone who isn’t Irish. Usually in that scenario the couple will end up leaving Ireland in favour of the non-Irish partner’s home country, when it comes time to think about kids and houses etc. I know several couples in that position who’ve ended up all over the place - Canada, Oz, Norway.

I also know several people in scientific/engineering fields who’ve ended up leaving Ireland because there was no suitable work here in their chosen specialty - so much for the knowledge economy.

The number of PPS numbers issued to workers from the EU Acession States peaked in 2005 and fell in 2006 and again in 2007 I think.


There was a piece on either the news or it says in the papers this morning around 8.00am saying there is some jobs expo in Dublin I presume but that there are I think 18 different countries featured. It went on to say for the first time I think that a number of Polish and Eastern European companies are present looking for their people to return home. The comment was that wages in construction in Poland had doubled and that with the Euro championships upcoming no shortage of work

I’m sure there are more people thinking like me. Myself and herself are emmigrating next year(had enough of this country) and looking forward to doing things differently. I know the shit is gonna hit the fan over the next couple of years so anyone with any qualification will be VERY tempted to work away where things are better, the age old story, it doesnt take much for people to emmigrate these days!

In Oz myself at the moment…cant realistically see how I could face Dublin again after being here a while…I dont think the boom here is too far behind home. It reminds me of Dublin 2 years ago…rent being dead money and everyone with a few properties - inflation here is big news and interest rates are set for another rise. Also the dependency on China to hoover up all the raw materials from the mines is a serious concern for the country…all that being said though, at the moment there is plenty of work - especially for the trades…and the service here is uncomparable to what we put up with at home…(I wont even mention the weather :wink: )

Shocking, is it? It’s terrible, isn’t it, when you go somewhere that’s suppose to have nice weather and it’s all hot and sticky. :wink:

Anecdotal it may be, but in the last two months I have seen more Irish reg cars driving the streets of London than in the last seven years combined. There is even an auld battered 98 KY white van at the end of my road.

Could that be a neat way of avoiding the congestion charge?

Bloody scamming immigrants…

China, a country of 1.3 billion people. Growing strongly. Heavily dependent on imported raw materials to continue their economic expansion.

And you think this is a serious concern? I’d say it’s like having a winning ticket in the economic lottery.

Indeed it could. Practically every day now I see an Irish reg car or van (work in the West End). Up to twelve months ago you’d be lucky to see 2 a year.

One possible explanation, I suppose, is Polish / Other Eastern Europeans driving over from Ireland.

I drove my Irish reg car for 3 years in the UK. Can’t count the number of times I went over the speed limit when some shit was tail gateing me. You would speed up and the guy behind would speed up. Then flash! The speed camera would do it’s work. Of couse the bad boy behind would cop a fine and I’d smile at him or maybe something stronger. :laughing:

I think this is a product of the rapidly globalising world. The days of people finishing school, getting a job for life and then retiring all in the same locality are over. I’m only in my 20’s and I’ve already had many more jobs than my dad, who is in his 60’s. I’ve worked abroad in two other countries and am soon to embark on my third, in America. A lot of my friends and colleagues would have similar experiences.

Not all emigration is the same.
In the past it was forced, now its (by and large) voluntary.

Well yes, if China is pretty dependant on selling the goods it makes to the US (rather than being consumed by the 1.3 Billion of its own population) to continue its rapid expansion and thats dependant on Americans not going into a recession and continuning to buy up all the chinese made goods…

having all ones eggs in one basket is always a concern…