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Subject to professional qualifications, experience and industry sector there are opportunities out there (if you look):



Canada versus Australia


US Job Market
Canadian Job Market
Australian Job Market


Re Aus, I posted this a while back



My sister says WA is booming at the moment, mostly oil based (pardon the pun)


“Canada has excellent government funded health care system and social structure…”

America has a bird with a massive rack coming out of a swimming pool.

I’ll say this about the Yanks, they play to their strengths.


Fuck me. I hadn’t actually watched the US ad (Dame, see the first post), but it’s like something from Starship Troopers! Would you like to know more?


Is that what’s called ‘enhancing your CV’?


Living Abroad

UK - no idea if this is any good or not


Use this thread for links and create discussions for each country/region/topic as desired



2613 - Software and applications programmers


Damn it Spinnaker, I’m sorely tempted at the moment to leave but things hold me back. I’m thinking about this though as the days pass by.

About 6 things keep me here:

  1. I have a job (in the Public Service)
  2. I have family here and they really do give me a lot of pshchlogical messages about leaving Ireland - more so in the past than not but it’s something that I’m aware of
  3. I would like to build my own home in Ireland
  4. I am aware of society and culture here (I don’t need no relocation cultural training here - It’s like that Gwen Stefani song with the Bananas…This shit is bananas…
  5. I’m older now, late thirties
  6. I don’t see the benefits of moving to another culture unless I can really stack it up and say that for sure it will beat here. That’s a big issue. Most of the western english speaking world has troubles. Canada is far from perfect
  7. We’ve good surfing here.
  8. We’re not yet massively over populated (Dublin aside) and I like the home town feel of our other cities (Limerick, Cork).


South Africa
Temporary Visa (up to 3 years)

Permanent Residency


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Tradespersons wanting to go permanently to Australia now have to study there first.


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Anyone who finds themselves in NYC should bookmark this website:

Emerald Isle Immigration Center Helping Immigrants NY
Serving Irish immigrants with programs such as college services and employment counseling. Information on services, news, schedule of events, …





Some of those threads are great fun. The “does anyone hate the Italians” one reads like it was written by a bunch of 16 year olds who had never spent more than a weekend away from home.


Things have gone a little flat at the moment . However if you want a job you will get one . Its a nightmare employing young Australians as they have a massive sense of entitlement and just walk out at the drop of a hat to sit on the dole before getting another job which they will walk out on to repeat the process over again . Lazy Australians is one of the reasons why emigrants can do so well here .



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UK regional unemployment rates