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Purely anecdotal and probably only relevant to a few but there certainly seems to be a lack of availability of competent small building firms to do extensions, renovations etc. here in Sweden and the situation seems to have persisted for quite a few years now with good builders having long waiting lists.

Even individual tradesmen can be hard to find. When we moved into our rental at the beginning of May the leaky kitchen tap needed replacing and the Landlord rang the plumber while I was with him and got a lead time of 6 weeks to do the job! I got the tap off him and fitted it myself. Some windows also needed to be repaired and the carpenter only turned up to do them in the last week of July.

I’ve no idea if things will continue like this long term and there is no pot of gold as a self employed tradesman will be paying about 50% (and up) in tax and social insurance but it might suit some people.


**Keeping in Touch


MS Messenger
microsoft.com/windowsxp/usin … fault.mspx

Gmail - with a new “call phone” feature which allows you to ring phones including mobiles in some countries for free

Anyone know much about these kinds of websites?


Did you mention the Provincial Nominee Programs?

cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/ … /index.asp

This is one way of shortening the queue for entry. The rules vary with each province. In NL, skilled workers, graduates, entrepreneurs and family members can apply. You are not obliged to stay in a particular province. Obviously, the number of applicants for the provinces of Atlantic Canada is much smaller than for BC, Alberta and Ontario.


More free phone calls

Smart phones needed


Maybe useful for those who want to emigrate to Spain:



:open_mouth: is there not near 20% unemployment in spain?


Yeah but Spanish people don’t like working. :slight_smile:

/Half joking


Single - You are not half joking!
But - you are right!
Also - if you want to be really flustered and need solace that maybe things here at home are not quite so bad or could be even worse - try getting the simplest thing done anyway quick and well in Portugal by some locals!


For those that might need a Garda Police Cert for emigrating (mostly USA, Canada, Oz & NZ):

Ye can find the proper form here - this is important cos most Guards apparently don’t know about or don’t have copies of this available especially in small stations. Just print it out and fill it in, along with a photocopy of birth cert & passport & something to show why you want it (I used the New Zealand job offer letter). I also included a photocopy of me old driving licence showing the Galway address which technically wasn’t needed, but thought it might make them more well-disposed, having some proof I actually lived where I said I did and all.

If you can, go straight to the HQ of the Garda District in which you lived, or in which you lived longest as this speeds things up, it’s the District HQ that actually process the form and fill in the Cert.

Oh, and a stamped addressed envelope too to get the Cert back in.

Simples! I handed mine in to Mill St Galway on the Wednesday, and received it in the post in Derry on the Saturday.


washingtonpost.com/blogs/wor … xpatriate/

More info in the link


I`d now highly recommend the Voxer app - if you are on android (iphones can have issues). I much prefer it to viber and whatsapp

play.google.com/store/apps/deta … lvox.voxer


I wonder how the UK would fair if London was judged on its own. I went to Manchester recently on a reconnoiter and found it very attractive compared to London.


I wonder how they measure quality of life. :confused:

The climate alone will make most of Africa, the interior of South America, much of North America, eastern Europe and western/central Asia uninhabitable.

The UAE a better place to live than New Zealand? I think not, unless your interests don’t extend further than sand and shopping.
Russia better than France or the Netherlands? :open_mouth:
They’re taking the piss.


Well in fairness, there are more commies in France.



As someone who has lived abroad as an expat, and who also had to manage expats locating to Ireland I can cofirm the findings of the survey.

Here is what they say, and I see:

Crap Weather
Massive Tax at very low levels of income
Shit schools, and I mean the private ones, hopeless shoddy and inadequate compared to what is on offer elsewhere, with a terrible curriculum
Poor healthcare system, average private system
Hostile bureaucratic government
Superficial friendliness from paddy in the pub,lead to nothing


These surveys can give a false impression. I’m in Perth which has come in the top ten in the economists ‘liveability’ index often yet that liveability is extremely car dependent. Some city suburbs are inaccessible without a car and a lot have limited services. Another metric is availability of goods, Irish food is far superior to the nutrient deficient fruit and veg available here.

Then there’s the constant skin cancer treat, it’s very common for colleagues my age to have post-op facial bandages in work.

And then there’s the shark threat, even the local tourism chief says he won’t swim in the ocean because of it! And then there’s the wild life on shore!


It’s HSBC, so they use a wide range of measures - dollars, yen, pounds sterling, euro, …