There were 34,945 people born in the Republic of Ireland living in Canada in the 2021 Census

courtesy of John O’Brien


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2015 pin said…

2022 Ireland wants it’s 2015 people back (and all the other years) no?

88k irish born in Australia

430,000 living in UK, 400k in England

The last time Fine Gael got a credible result in a General Election, in 2016 their manifesto highlighted up front and devoted a chapter to the issue of bringing migrants home:

4. Bringing our Friends and Family Home

By keeping the recovery going, our aim is that by 2020, Ireland will have brought
home at least 70,000 of the emigrants forced to leave because of the crisis. Fine
Gael believes that the lives of all of our citizens will be enriched by their return.

Wayback Machine (archive.org)

A year later the Dandy Gandhi took over, and Coveney issued their 2040 open borders dictate. They’ve been scared of a plebiscite since :chicken: