Emmanuel Adeniji did 4 years worth of raping for the entire country ON HIS OWN

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I looked up the Garda statistics for 1990. It said there were 89 reported rapes in 1990. 350 to 400 families are being contacted about rapes on their family members by him.

Meaning one Nigerian did 4 years worth of raping ON HIS OWN



Rape in Ireland in the 90’s. Look at who’s quoted as the source, a certain Mrs Ivana Bacik!

Rape in Ireland in 2011 and 2021. The numbers have sky rocketed, and continue to go higher.

There’s a definite possibility that Ireland will crack the magic 10k figure within 10 years.


Who was in charge?
“So rather than providing the team with more resources, rather than providing the team with more support, rather than providing and sitting with the team and saying ‘what else do you need in order to continue to review the rest of the files?’ That time was taken up with trying to get through as many files as we could before the HSE shut us down,”

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It was the quickest processing of a rape case in at least 15 years, according to legal sources;

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This one was Kenyan


Disband and Rebrand menace needs timing.
4mths from complaint to conviction for Emmanuel.
Aishling comes to mind.

With Ashling they’ve charged his whole family in an attempt to get him to plead guilty and avoid the trial. Tough thing to ask a gypsy to do.

Point on the thread title. He may not have been completely alone. Other staff ignored the elderly