"Emoclew"/"Anatasia", Anastasia Lane, Dalkey (-1505k,-53.8%)

Was €2.80m

Now €2.65m

Originally went on sale in May

independent.ie/business/iris … 86412.html

being sold by a developer.

an itty bitty drop like that ain’t going to attract anyone

Now €1.95m

link pls?

No link, agent sent an email with new price.

in the future please back this up with some evidence which can be checked

Appears to be back on the market at €1,750,000.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … key/342743

Relatively speaking good value!

Good sense of humour there Out In Time - or perhaps you’re the agent for Emolclew…

At €602 per sq ft, this is an extremely overpriced property considering that most recent transactions in the 1-2m asking price bracket are occurring at approx. 25 - 30% below last asking price - I’d post some examples but the moderators would only object due to having to adhere to our secret society practice of non-disclosure.

Assuming it would rent for 4k per mth, on a 4% yield, I’d value it @ 1.2m (960k on a 5% yld …etc.etc.)

It’s a long way down!
Good value me h*le!

Johnnyboy, I agree with your analysis.

With ‘relatively’ I was comparing with propoerties for sale at ridiculously higher prices, such as;

Gorse Lodge, Gorse Hill, Dalkey, Co Dublin
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … lin/219399

Hill House, Torca Road, Dalkey, Co Dublin
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … lin/112800

Monte Alverno, Sorrento Road, Dalkey, Co Dublin
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … lin/219380

If you could pm me some examples I would be very interested!

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … key/342743
irishtimes.com/newspaper/pro … 47876.html

Saw this yesterday, from brochure it looks like its on its own plot, own entrance etc. Lovely location, walking distance from Dalkey village but it’s actually plonked in the middle of a very tight lane on a right of way with no clear boundary & definitely no privacy. Only enough room to park a car outside and you have other cars constantly going past to get to the two or three other standalone houses beside it.
Lovely house but given positioning don’t think I’d pay that for it.

Obviously you have too big a car - the estate agents can park 3 cars outside!!

Maybe it’s time to consider a different car…

weirduniverse.net/images/upl … Street.jpg

Mine’s a Mini! :wink:
No you could prob park 3 cars side by side, but definitely not behind one another as you’d be blocking the lane. Hard to describe really

The scale of denial in places like Dalkey is extraordinary. If I heard mention of either a right of way or a lane - given
the price ticket on this one - I would make a speedy exit. In boom times people didn’t give a hoot about such details
but today they count big time.

The ‘road’ outside is a cul de sac where no-one but neighbours will be driving - you’d have parking for 2 cars OK in the paved area to the front right of the house though. Not sure how loud the DART gets but it runs along the garden wall pretty much (well, 30 ft below the wall or so actually in that part of Dalkey).

Can’t understand why this house thinks it can fetch so much more than the 400 euro per square foot (which I’m taking to be about what is paid for other Dalkey houses, judging by other posts I’ve read, but feel free to correct me. By which I mean 500 sq ft asking, 400 sq ft paid). This puts me at the same estimate (different method) as JohnnyBoy. It’s a nice location in the posh end of Dalkey but surely doesn’t have the unique view or period features to command the big bucks.

Seems to be back with a new name and a new price of €1.45m


From the blurb:

Eh?? What’s romantic about naming your house after a murder victim?

Perhaps the original name didn’t appeal enough to the niche market of those who read backwards.

We can only assume (and hope) that it is the EA that has misspelt the name of the house, although given that the owners originally thought that welcome spelled backwards was a sophisticated name for a house, nothing would surprise me.