Employment Outlook Q4-10: Negative and 4th lowest globally

According to the Manpower Employment Outlook Survey for Q4 2010, there’s unlikely to be an improvement in the Irish jobs market during the remainder of the year as employers sentiment remains negative.

Of the 36 countries in the survey, Ireland has the 4th lowest ranking on hiring prospects, ahead of Greece, Italy and Spain.

jobsclub.ie/index.php/breaki … or-ireland

Blue Horseshoe

I would have thought that Spain’s prospects would be better, what with:

  1. the fact that unemployment has currently reached 20%;
  2. Spain is a lot cheaper than Ireland so doesn’t need to “restore competitiveness” as much.

Likewise the Italians with their traditions of engineering etc.

Not that I disagree with the fact that the jobs market is and will be negative for the forseeable future, but do we need another survey to confirm this. Everyone seems to be producing surveys at the moment

Well it’s a growth industry.

What i don’t get about Spain is why there is still so much structural unemployment, at the height of the building boom Spain still had a high unemployment rate.

At the risk of sounding facile and engaging in lazy stereotyping, I honestly think climate has a lot to do with it. Every country has people who don’t want to work, but add in the sun and it doesn’t surprise me that that number rises.

Well, because it is structural unemployment.

My wife is Spanish and has explained this to me. They don’t look on the social welfare as we do, nobody frowns on it. People voluntarily go on the welfare as they pay a % of your salary from your last job, up to a certain point. It’s socially excepted to quit your job, go on the welfare and then get another job when the benefits run out. They see the government as an us and them, and by going on welfare they are taking back money the government has taken from them.

Interesting perspective , have also heard that there is a HUGE black economy at play in Spain.

That could be true of some Spaniards but not of all. Im sure there are plenty of Spaniards who dont think like that.

Well, my tipping point of incompetence theory has a sister theory - once a certain number of people are taking the pisss, the incentive to not take the piss diminishes hugely, regardless of personal integrity. Look at politicians and expenses as a micro-example and Greek self-employed as a macro.