Employment Resources Abroad


I know theres been a couple of threads about emigration etc but I dont think theres been any actual employment resources posted up on the site (maybe Im wrong).

So I would be grateful personally (and Im sure that it may be useful to others) if people with knowledge of same could provide a couple of links to any such online resources for sourcing work in London, or indeed elsewhere in Europe. Im beginning to give a bit of thought to taking off next Autumn and Im not too sure where would be the best place to head for opportunity wise at the moment


best source for IT jobs in UK, lots of australian listings too jobserve.com/


www.seek.com.au No 1 job site in Australia


What companies need your particular discipline or trade. Make a list of them and go check out their websites, and get your CV to them.


Based on recent press releases from the Australian Department of Immigration I think they will be reducing the number of people that they take in later this year:



I think they are just going to get a little more choosy. Remember too that immigration is, as you would expect, a big political issue here. The government want more people coming in but they also like to be seen to be fairly stringent about who does.

Fact is, documentation Ive seen from various govt departments has population projections with plenty of immigration factored into the mix.

Depending on what you do, getting a 457 visa is still the best route to go in my opinion.



I like it coz it scrapes jobs from multiple sites