En Attendant Armageddon

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Confidence, eh? :unamused:

People must read all of Mr. Cowen’s comments in that article. They truly beggar belief. For example:

He thinks that’s ironic?? How the fuck is that in any way ironic? It’s the opposite if anything: straight-up understandable and rational. It would only be ironic if there was a lot of confidence internationally, but even more confidence here and yet people still weren’t spending. That would be vaguely ironic. But when we are more fucked than anywhere else people not spending is very far from ironic. Gobshite.

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he is so inspiring! If it wasn’t for the D4 meeja,talkin us down!
Altogether now,Ber Cowen he was aTD me boys! :angry: 8DD

It would be impossible to count the number of elephants in that room, ignored by Cowen, as he spoke. But, sure, let’s keep the head here. We are turning the corner. Positive attitude. He is an imbecile of the highest order.

If i was taking home 200 grand a year after tax, I wouldnt be feeling that gloomy either.

Its a simple truth but you really do have to walk a mile in another man’s shoes…

This fucker is completely out of touch.

Tell it to the Irish couple I met last week who’s WHV visa just expired and are absolutely petrified about going home.

We have heard all this type of s**t before from Bertie ----Shhhsss Don’t talk down the economy. The only corner we have turned is the one that has guarantee payback street written all over it……… The negativity I feel is from the facts put in front of me…… Give me facts on how his useless bunch are going to get us out of this & I’m sure I’s find a positive voice.

What a complete knob of a man.

Translation… :angry:



From yesterday’s programme - the issue in general discussed 3 mins in as part of newspaper panel discussion.