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Seriously though (apart from the consideration this guy is pimping his wares)
regardless of how seriously you take the threat, are you prepping, and if so doing what? near term deflation seems a certainty now

Kind of old news. This was old news in 2009. Debt recessions always look like this. And as this is the first debt recession in the major Western economies since the 1930’s, well guess what, the economies act like the 1930’s.

As for sovereign default. Defacto it may happen for some countries when the national banking systems are nationalized but de jure they’ll fudge the issue. Just like they did in the 80’s in South America and in the 90’s in SE Asia. Ireland had a defacto sovereign default two years ago. Notice much real change?. No zombie hoards on the streets so far…

There is some very scary stuff coming down the pipe but these guys really don’t have a clue. Just generic Armageddonism.

50 years of State borrowing to pay for an unsustainable system of social and corporate welfare,will always end like this.

I agree there’s not much specific on it. However it remains to be seen how well the issue can be fudged since there are so many countries facing default at once. Ireland or non of the other countries were fixed. They are all on life support, and it seems will not be able to get off this situation if they cannot grow.

In the 1980s and 90s, the world was in a position of strong growth, wealth (er money and debt) creation. What now?


Quote of boomshackala:-
“are you prepping, and if so doing what?”

Yes I am preparing, as follows:-

Keeping a reasonable very basic stock of food in the house, essentials that if there was a raid on shops that I’d at least get by for a week or two or three without too much hassle.
Trying to inventorize all posessions and get rid of posessions that I either have not used during the past 3 years or will not use in the next 3 years
Working to pay back all debts ASAP.
Trying to increase security of storage systems

Got some bulk rice some time back, handy now, very little coming out of the ground yet, terrible weather this year so far

The Three Stages of Crisis – Looking Through the Other Side of Disaster - Tom Chatham → shtfplan.com/emergency-prepa … r_06142012

I like this

however, how can people prepare to come out of the crisis if they dont have a realistic vision of what the new reality will be like on the other side. This is probably the the biggest problem we face, the ubiquitous denialism, blaming, scapegoating etc. anything to avoid making useful preparations based on the fact we will be much poorer on the other side, and planning accordingly

some good tips on what not to do
thesurvivalmom.com/2012/06/02/wh … fferently/

some inspiration from people around the world living without any money

Meanwhile, since this is a property website, it should warm the cockles of your heart to learn that the empties in some countries are being put to good use