Enda calling Europe ..... Take our bad debts


Enda Kenny was speaking in Brussels yesterday. He had some specific proposals to deal with the economic crisis.finegael.ie/news/index.cfm/type/details/nkey/36531

There are four quite separate ideas here. The chances of the Germans agreeing to a Europe-wide “bad bank” are zero (why would they take our bad debts? :blush: ).

Did FG call for Anglo to be used as a “bad bank”? That’s a very different proposal which would be at the expense of the Irish taxpayer.

The EIB has an important role to play but it is already taking action:

Getting the ECB to pursue an “anti-deflationary” strategy would require a complete reversal of the anti-inflation policy mandated in the Treaties. Maybe there’s time to amend the Lisbon Treaty!

Now I wonder who Enda is referring to when he complains about “‘beggar-thy-neighbour’ exchange rate adjustments”? I’m sure the Brits will appreciate Enda’s efforts to tie their hands. :stuck_out_tongue:


Cowen was bullish in Davos, as he

The Indo took this to mean Cowen was irritated by Kenny


The IT thinks Cowen was reacting to something Barroso said:

Others in FF were not pulling punches. Sean Fleming called Enda’s comments


If you thought Enda was just stating the obvious, Fleming proposes a double standard:


Seeing as this is a global credit crunch/recession/depression, how about a global Bad Bank, chuck everything in there and let the world carry on , albeit at a far lower more realistic rate of growth, ,and as the loans fail, the global Bad Bank gets paid by each country a percentage of what failed based on how much they chucked in to begin with


Oh dear sacred heart of Jaysus these fellas get worse by the minute. Let’s say, for example, I am totally useless chatting up girls. However, due to some fortunate confluence of events, I enjoy a brief purple patch and suddenly think that I am God’s gift to women. I walk around, strutting my stuff, and things are great for a while. However, I become complacent. I believe that women who dare to refuse my doubtless charms are in the wrong. They are blind, they are arrogant, they are lesbians, etc. A friend of mine points out to me that, by acting as I do, while everyone is sniggering into their glasses at my antics, I am bringing ridicule upon myself. I react angrily and accuse him of spreading rumours and stories about me. I might be displaying certain characteristics analogous to les Brians, non?

The human capacity for denial always amazes me.


So long as our percentage was <1% because we couldn’t afford to pay for our failed loans.

Oh wait, we’ve already guaranteed the lot! :smiling_imp:



FF think (with some foundation) that these allegations against FG will work. Your average pig-ignorant FF voter will believe them.

But I’m actually starting to think that McWilliams, FG, and many other commentators/opposition politicians are doing their utmost now to show the international community how they accept the economic reality and will condemn FF abroad as much as possible so as to convince foreigners that there are still brains in Ireland. ie the country is fecked right now, but there are people with the ability and will to rebuild it (I hope).