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For those who might like to compare notes, you can log and compare your current base & discount unit cost price for electricity, gas and any other energy unit costs vs best renewal/switcher offers

We can update best rate in the OP here:

Supplier Type Unit Cost
Power & Co. Electricity 0.001
Power & Co. Gas 0.001

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Consumer electricity prices Eurostat:

  • Ukrainian consumers suffer the cheapest electricity.
  • Irish consumers enjoy thee most expensive electricity.

We should vote Zel Boy el President & T-Shirt all at once, having solved the Irish housing crisis for Ukrainians, perhaps he can wave his magic wand and do the same for electricity prices and who knows what else… of course, not until after we have a referendum to join Ukraine, we need to respect the will of the people.

Ukraine would have a similar mix of power generation to France. Strange to see France so high up on that list seeing as they have such a high proportion of nuclear power. Even if Ukraine’s gas generation is fueled by ‘transit losses’ it is a small part of the mix.

In convo yesterday, I suggested unit price would be double in what 4 weeks or so… today I found some October price tarrif from one provider indicating, yep, close to a doubling of unit prices for consumers.

Edit: I see price hikes were reported in the Menace Media earlier this month… so they’re all at it.

Energy re-sellers are reducing their discounts further, some have done it already - Maximum consumer destruction incoming.

Maybe that sterling wobble spooked 'em.

“It is a tragic irony that Europe is counting on a mild winter for survival when they find themselves in this predicament due to their efforts to cool the earth.”
—anonymous DC insider