Ennis, Co. Clare

Massive losses here for people who bought Last year. 5 bed detached house in Gort na mBlath sold for 270000 has set a new price for the Tulla Road Area. A 3 bed semi detached is now worth less than 200k tops.

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Very nearly bought on the Tulla Road in Ennis, about 2 years ago. Can’t remember the name of the estate - there are so many up there! Thanks be to be-jebus we got sense. Ennis has to be one of the worst hit in the country for price drops (if not the worst) from what I have seen on the price drop sites. I still get a couple of texts a week from DNG in Ennis with info about houses and I’ve seen major drops even in the 18 months since we moved to Waterford.

…Waterford, on the other hand, is still in deep, deep denial price-wise…

Parts of west Clare are still clinging on to peak prices though…or else they think they should be priced in the same range as houses in nicer parts of Dublin.

There are lots of house for sale in Ennis, unfortunately a lot of it is rubbish. (I’m sure Ennis is not unique in this regard). 2 bed apartments, and terraces, way too far from the town centre. Lots of 3 bed semis built of card board. At it’s peak there were about 500 houses listed on daft. That’s a lot for a town that as far as I can see has no real major employer.
The quantity of houses for rent has soared in recent weeks as well.

Shannon & Limerick are the major employers for Ennis, Ennis is a pure commuter town