Enoch Burke to be Released From Prison

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You must take your State-mandated programming, plebs. Independent thinking not allowed and creates bad people.

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The state wants monopoly on violence and brainwashing

In an email to the school’s principal in January, the parent said they only learned “the child in question is my child” after reading a court judgment which outlined what year the unidentified student was in.

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Paywall but…

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Or, and hear me out here, maybe the state should stop its persecution of someone who is acting in accordance with the foundational precepts of said state.

The article is a depressing litany of obeisance to the current anti-Chrisian arreligion rounded out with this nauseating paragraph.

Unlike Burke, I can’t speak for God. But I suspect that She has better things to be doing than being continually dragged into the operation of Irish law. Being excised from the Constitution would surely come as a divine relief.


I must have sensed the snakes escalated slithering with my preemptive post from 11 days ago in another topic, but you could see it in 2021 and it was as clear as day by 2018, everything since then is confirmation and validation of the snakes current feelings and sense of total ensconcement.

The woman in the home section invalidated the argument that there were no references to marriage, iirc as claimed by ref com material delivered to home.

The Constitutional document is increasingly incongruent, that’s why they are not finished, they need to eradicate as I mention before, they need to remove GOD from the document to be complete, will they?

Bit by bit, it’s a diabolical boil the frog game and defame the Constitution. Inserting satanic verse after satanic verse until it is as good as re-written and is nothing of the original. Jsut wha they do the the children minds and souls. Everything really, debase and defame the creation at ever turn trying to spite the creator.

Right To Housing "The World" Referendum - #23 by Open_Window

That whole article strongly begs the question, what is so wrong with what Enoch Burke is doing?
It takes Burke’s iniquity as a starting point and assumes his actions are ample justification for completely rewriting the entire constitution but doesn’t attempt to make the case against his actions.

O’Toole actually admits that Burke is correct in his assertions and on that basis the grounds for Burke’s being correct must be removed. Why? Because he is a bad man.

It’s a far more effective tactic than trying to make an objective case against him to people who fundamentally agree with a lot of what Burke believes and certainly broadly accept philosophically the constitution that Burke adheres to while the judiciary do not.

Thinking about what is actually going on is hard compared to getting a quick heads up from our betters about who is good and who is bad and just extrapolating everything from there.


Agenda driving flail, evident in the ending paragraphs.

This is why, in all the tedious narcissism of his legal campaign, Burke might after all be doing some good. He has exposed the raw nerve that runs through our basic law: the utterly anomalous persistence of religious doctrine in the Constitution of a secular republic and a multi-faith society.

Keywords: Secular Republic + multi-faith society.

This stuff should have no place in the legal and political make-up of 21st century Ireland. It is a throwback to the fusion of Catholicism and nationalism that did such harm to both Church and State.


Unlike Burke, I can’t speak for God. But I suspect that She has better things to be doing than being continually dragged into the operation of Irish law. Being excised from the Constitution would surely come as a divine relief.

Imagine Fintan was writing about teh religion of peace here. Imagine.

I saw the below post in comment to this video and thought it was spot on

It’s a bizarre case, but there’s a few important items here.

Firstly, the school has a stated religious ethos (similar to many religious schools) which the judge carefully disregarded in favour of the school’s policy comments on inclusivity. It is well known that religious ethos is cited by schools as justification for prioritising applicants on religious grounds when allocating for schools places. It appears that the interpretation of the policy is a matter of convenience in this case.

Secondly, all media reports to date say that Burke had no contact with the pupil in the school. The school then created a hypothetical situation which demanded that he adhere to the request of the principal which Burke said was contrary to his religious beliefs and the religious ethos of the school. There is a lot of importance placed on his response to this by the school.

In the end Burke shot himself in the foot by trying to embarrass the school principal. The court order and his conduct afterwards were then used to justify his dismissal.

If he continued to object solely on religious grounds and was dismissed based on the hypothetical created by the school, could be not have claimed constructive dismissal?

I believe that a different, more resonable individual in the same circumstances could easily have won the case…
That’s just my view on it…

My understanding is that including GOD in your constitution is preferred to not having GOD in it.

The reason is that most of the inalienable rights as human beings are derived from the higher authority of God. If you remove God then this disappears and you are left with rights as defined by experts. The emphasis moves from absolute right to balance of the common good (as whatever that is at the time and in the culture). So compulsary euthanasia of the sick and elderly can easily be accommodated in a Godless constitution. Think Stalin !


It’s is so bizarre. While i hadn’t read that article, I’ve come across others who are fixated on Burke as bad man & don’t care about any other arising issues about the case, the potential issue around the school changing pronouns or potentially initiating social transitioning (in the absence of professional counselling, psychology or psychiatry) or about notifying parents about same.

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Tragically, what appears to have triggered their decision was a welfare visit from Montreux police. They stopped by that morning to remind the father to go to a meeting with local education authorities to discuss the home-schooling of his son, after he had not answered several letters.

Burke is a clown who has managed to miss an open goal by making the whole episode about himself rather than the issue itself. He appears to have preempted the entire disciplinary process, thereby disallowing himself the potential for a Judicial Review of any real substance.

Most people support the notion that boys are boys and girls are girls but rolling around the 4 Courts and standing outside a school like some sick puppy has presented him and his family as bigger weirdos that Paul Murphy - which is quite some achievement.

Another gobshite on the ‘right’ who has ensured that anyone raising the matter will be linked to him and his family’s egos….not that different to Gemma O Doherty and the rest of the mobile phone waving idiots who prefer to accumulate clicks on YouTube than set about the long, tedious process of building a viable and sustainable political movement.

They’re no more than a gift to the establishment and their voices are amplified on that basis.

It really shouldn’t be that difficult to build a movement of 15-20 percent support based on basic common sense initiatives. But it seems to be well beyond the capabilities of these fuckwits across the board.


One of our betters in below piece reckons on 30% of electorate “not being spoken to”.

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I don’t think it’s a coincidence that anyone in any western government who gets anywhere near power either holds the approved opinions or quickly adopts them or at the very least doesn’t follow through on much that doesn’t conform to the groupthink.

Anyone that you would be allowed vote in would only be let in if they were compromisable. None of the agendas being enacted now are from any sort of public mandate. Somebody or something else is far more of an influence on politicians than public opinion is.

Look at how determined they were in Ireland’s unimportant 2011 presidential election. Norris, Gallagher and finally McGuinness all steamrollered out of the way by an establishment in lockstep to ensure we got the preferred candidate.

Nothing the Burkes do is to court public opinion. There’s a place for people who make a stand in a place they choose because its where they think they have popular support behind them and there’s a place for people making a stand on specific points of law or principles.
Burke is firmly in the second category and is never going to be a consensus builder for a democratic overthrow of our menace regime.

I don’t think that is going to happen anyway. Anyone who was too much of a threat would just be disposed of if they couldn’t be turned.