Enterprise Ireland grants

I know at least some of you will be curious to see what companies have been getting money from Enterprise Ireland over the past number of years. I have uploaded figures for 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008.

For example in 2008, two Quinn companies received nearly 900k in Enterprise Ireland support.
Albert Reynolds’ C&D foods in Longford received over €1m in 2008.

thestory.ie/2010/01/26/enterpris … 2005-2008/

OMG. Thanks.

What the hell, Enterprise Ireland giving grants to Irish Companies :open_mouth:

What next the IDA giving grants to Multinationals… :unamused: :unamused:

Well to begin the information is being presented factually, and furthermore the amounts and recipients might be of interest to people.

What next FAS running training courses?

Would it be possible to cross reference these companies and there directors with the contributions to political parties during this period.
Could make for interesting reading…

As for those who will say these bodies are responsible for giving out grants, I suspect what Gavin is raising is whether the companies receiving the grants were do soing because of there connections instead of their worthiness.
A very valid point indeed!

Precisely. Readers can draw their own conclusions. We will be cleaning and retabulating this data in a variety of ways… the addition of directors is entirely possible.

LOL… Orbo Technologies (perpetual motion magnets) got €12,895 in 2005.

There are indeed some nuggets there…

My thinking is that this is likely to reveal something like that sunken ships fund the Frank Fahy had going.
ie Eligible parties were never informed and illegible parties ended up receiving funds.
I’m sure the chances of political interference in some of these grants is pretty high and I might spend some time looking into this spread sheet to see if something else can be extrapolated from it.
Off the top of my head I notice a couple of ones that have since gone bang… and I wonder what the break down is based on industry sector.


Not wishing to specifically pick on Lovely Leitrim or indeed community projects, but community projects funded through EI?

enterprise-ireland.com/About … tement.htm


No! Wait! Does that mean we’re selling Drumshambo?!
Go on, tell me, who’s buying it?
It’s the chinese, isn’t it?

I suspect this is the Drumshanbo project:

9 out of 16 units empty according to the website.

EI supporting the knowledge economy :slight_smile:
Go make some sandwiches there lads!

It’s becoming increasingly clear that all of these bodies are designed to help the pr1cks in the Dail hold influence over their electorate!
Whether it is a FAS course here, a move up the hospital waiting list there, the creation of a tax exemption for a single buddy of a Minister, or handing out mobile licenses… this country is an utter joke…

As someone who has been shot down in attempts to get grants and funding due to my business not meeting the criteria… it sickens me to see that a food prep area in the arse end of nowhere gets funding.
And before someone says to me that every town deserves investment… I suggest they question whether that investment would have been better been put into the local education system thereby giving everyone an equal chance as opposed to a handful of cake makers!

What do ya mean sellin it? Surely to jaysus we’re givin it away I mean a bit wit every house sold :wink:

Dont know where the link is but, in maybe 2008 or 2009 EI had a budget of 150 million… 100million of that was for running costs! QUANGO ANYONE

Sorry lads but I have to step in here! I love quango-bashing as much as the next guy, but EI is the one agency that supports small Irish startups with cold hard cash and good advice, rather than crappy “incubators” and other stuff people don’t really need. EI has supported a large number of startups that contribute significantly to exports in Ireland.

Of course some questionable ones slip through, but it’s not EI’s job to only support established companies with solid track records – their job is to give a lot of growing companies relatively small amounts of money (and a few larger companies larger amounts of money) and they do this really well.

EI’s only focus is EXPORTS hence they only grant-aid Irish companies with a realistic prospect of exporting. Given the shambles of job losses we’ve seen from IDA-funded multinationals, this is the time when we should be supporting EI and urging the government to increase their funding.

Remember, EI FUNDS IRISH STARTUPS and not multinationals looking for a tax break.

[Discalimer – my company received two small grants from EI which are shown in the sheet. Partially a result of this, we exported around 5 x that much in services last year]

It depends on what they count as running costs, the company I work for was with them at a trade show last year and they funded a very good pavillion which showcased several Irish companies (with the design and construction costs associated being fairly high I imagine), paid for and subsidised tickets for the companies, paid for refreshments to be available for the companies’ prospective customers, etc and had their own staff on hand to help arrange meeting rooms, etc

Whether you consider that money well spent is one thing, but I imagine that much of it fell under ‘running costs’ and definitely falls under their mandate.

EI also has an amazing network of foreign offices. It might sound OTT, but it means that if I want to export to, say, China, EI has people there, an office I can use for meetings, support infrastructure, local contacts with reputable suppliers etc. They are an invaluable resource for exporters.

I work for a company that has received grants and knock them as you may they are very helpful and do provide cash for start ups who otherwise would get nothing.

They are in the difficult position of every half assed idiot who doesn’t get a grant is prepeared to slag others off who do and even people who do get one are prepared to slag off others who don’t.