ESB refuses to repay 50,000 overbilled users

My understanding of the estimated bill is that in your second, unestimated bill you pay for the difference between the estimated and final reading, and only those units at the higher rate. In that case, we’ll never know if the estimated bill underestimated the usage (in which case they overpay) or overestimated it (in which case they underpay).

Or am I missing something?

That was my understanding of it too. Hey how about an exact measurement sent to the ESB via Irelands Broadband network (technological hub of Europe remember) that we can monitor too! oh no wait. . . . scratch that one!

I’m sure I heard tell of a plan plan to send Broadband via the ESB network or was that canned too as it was simply uncompetative if highly desirable/effective?

There has been research into broadband through powerlines, but from what I’ve heard it was never sufficiently successful (if at all). However, the ESB do send data along their powerlines by wrapping fibre-optic cables around the lines: