ESR paper shows significantly more women caught in bubble.

The rural self employed male ( who could not get a mortgage as easily) escaped negative equity to a much greater degree than the urban educated female…who is most likely to be caught rotten in Negative Equity. Think Alison O Riodan minus the drama. … rticle.pdf

Some interesting stuff in that report!

But its all the fault of men. Apparently.

While technically anyone who signed a mortgage agreement is responsible for it, can you line up all the bank bosses who happened to be female at the time? How many of the politicians?

In other words, it’s more complex than than “it’s all the fault of men”.

I’m not sure I’ve ever heard anyone suggest it was all the fault of men.

From my personal experience of observing close friends, in couples, purchasing during the bubble, the final decision on which to purchase and how much to bid up, was usually the result of the female half of the partnership falling “in total looovvvee” with the kitchen or the taps in the bathroom (all well and good until you factor in that the cost of the standard fitted kitchen in most Irish houses usually represented between 1 and 5% of the overall price of the property, and most are firmly at the lower end of that range).

That said, I’m not blaming any one group. There was, we have been recently reminded, a mass hysteria that many less sceptical individuals subscribed to and were quickly parted from their money for their “lifestyle choices”.

Blue Horseshoe

I have had to talk a few people down from falling in LOOOOOVE with something ephemeral like that in my day. Generally women I am sorry to say. :slight_smile:

I have,plenty of times.Usually on some bullshit panel debate on the radio.

My 2 cents would be that decisions to commit to a bad (mad) value family homes might have had a greater female input than a male input. Decisions to develop a “property portfolio” might had more of a male input than a female input. Probably balances out to an equal contribution to the mania. Although the former case may contribute more of the pain. I suppose if we all could be happy in the properties that we desired so much prior to buying them we would only have one worry (paying back on the f**kers) rather than multiple ones. That’s just my gut sense of it rather than anything scientific. … 04983.html

What goes around comes around, suck it up ladies…

funnily enough someone on the Pin used the term “Lorna Ladder” to describe these women and it stuck in my head.

I googled it there and the phrase is Googlewhack with only one hit - and it was 2Gaffs who invented it!

Yeah Someone needs to do a photoshop of Samantha off SATC

I got fked** by the Irish property bubble!


Has everyone missed who this paper is by?

The fucking geniuses in the ESRI!

I wonder how all those people got caught in the bubble? A bubble the ESRI were apparently completely unaware of.

The only point of this thread IMHO is that 2Pack is using the pin like a Ouija board to invoke the wrath of the wollies.

In 1920 US congress allowed women to vote and just nine years later economy collapsed in crisis known as Great Depression. Year earlier Weimar republic decides to give women voting rights and socialists get to power decade later with tragic consequences. This one and few recent Congresses in US were breaking records on amount of women being elected resulting in poor economy and debt spiralling. Actually similar records were broken in current and last few Dail Eireann… Buying some overpriced gaffs is really the least of things to blame women for…

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It’s not an esri paper. And so what if it was? Play the ball not the auhors

Well, in fairness, there was the infamous Susan McKay “women didn’t cause the mess but we’ll have to clean it up” speech.

Title of thread edited, thanks.

I don’t see any abuse of the authors. Anyway, the play the ball applies to other posters on this site.

For Ireland, it’s probably 95% the fault of men. When we tot up the grand total of performing and non-performing loans, the vast majority of debt not being paid would be by property developers, who seem to be exclusively men. The bankers, politicians and regulators were almost always men. Women in negative equity were probably not as informed as they should have been. At least they weren’t wilfully incompetent likes the bankers, politicians and regulators.

That article also says that the ratio of single male to single females was 1 to 1.