ESRI for January Is out! … report.pdf

Everything is roses until…

Because 3bed semi-d’s are such a small part of the housing market here in Ireland…

It says 75% of FTBs purchase a dwelling between 100,000euros and 250,000euros.
It also says 39.9% of FTBs buy a 3 bed semi and 36.1% buy detached and that a very small % buy apartments (5.4%).

Holy Hell the amont of people commuting

hmmm 3 months of 0.1% growth, and that’s based on sales closed 3 months ago or so, that’s a fairly solid stagnation. No wonder the inventory is floating up.

The next few months of these reports should make for interesting reading, especially seeing as there was a rate hike in the mean time (December)!

Not to mention the fact that the rate of growth of mortgage lending fell significantly in the last 3 months of the year.

Still waiting for that overall fall in house prices in the ESRI index. Funny how they’ve managed to keep it positive (just) for the past few months. Conspiracy anyone??? :wink:

They report house price inflation of 0.1% for January. On an annualised basis this would suggest house prices growing at 1.2%. The broad consensus among the banks and agents was annual inflation of 5% in nominal terms. In real terms house prices are falling based on ESRI/PTSB figures at about 3% again on an annualised basis.

This is what I was saying in other thread. Prices can still creep up as only the best/most attractive houses will be bought when inventories are high. Inreality prices are falling on exactly identical properties, especially when inflation is factored in.

If only a dozen houses sold in Feburary sold average prices could still rise. It would be helpfull to see volume of sales per month too.

Also that index shows second hand homes down for the month.

So very few FTB pay stamp duty ? Why then all this madness about scrapping stamp duty for FTB’s

I wonder that the figures would be if you replaced the FTBs with people trading up?

We are seriously dependant on petrol and diesel. Totally exposed.

My thoughts exactly - any of the stattos here got any details on the volume of sales? - never mind the asking prices - how many of units are actually changing hands - or is this info a bit too sensitive to be let into the public domain?

So virtually everything except brand-new houses have fallen.

And the growth there is partially down to certain vendors offering to pay the mortgage for the 1st 6 months.

Well, it had to happen.

This has been forgotten about very quickly. When oil rockets again (it only takes a hurricance, terror attack or war threat etc) the sh1t will hit the fan in Ireland bigtime.

I wonder why the report was delayed by 2 days. It looks like it was knocked out in an afternoon

Yeah, looks like a quick throw together job, maybe they were looking to bury it on a quiet Friday afternoon?

please God, it doesn’t but the news from Saudi Arabia is not good… … 202005.pdf

The reports from 2005 but I cant find the link to support my previous post.

HA HA!!! I finally found it!!! … %20Aug.pdf :astonished: :slight_smile: :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue: :open_mouth: 8) :blush: