ESRI - government propaganda unit?

There’s no such thing as an equitable internal devaluation. When you look at the different motivations and different bargaining powers of various labour and corporate factions, it’s obvious that severe deflation will cause chaos. An external devaluation would also be inequitable, and would punish those who were prudent and saved. The main argument for external devaluation is that few Irish people were prudent in the last ten years.

This should give an insight to the Tol ERSI spat
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it is noticable that the majority of Tol’s contributions are on the environment and education

The Indo takes up the story.

Bad media management or censorship?

Much the same in this case, but thanks ERSI for showing the rest of us how ‘impartial’ you really are.

ESRI have a new paper out called Welfare Targeting and Work Incentives … /index.xml

It appears to be a similar exercise to the controversail 2012 report which said thousands were better off on the dole.

This report states work pays more than welfare for almost 6 out of every 7 people.

So about 1 in 7 or 15% are better off on the dole

Excess saving is anti-social. Did you not get the memo? :smiley:

Better off by what, by how much. 40 or 50 euro, 100, 200?. Reality is its usually quite small, and my calculation would be - extra 100 a week for 40 hours, 2.50 per hour? . Feck that , stay in bed.

ESRI is doing what it is told.

They give some replacement rates in the report. It is poor written and hard for joe soap to understand.

And at no point does the report clearly show where this only 1 in 7 figure are better off figures is arrived at. It is only mentioned in the press release

Better off by a cent is by definition better off. Would you work 40 hours to be better off by a cent. NO? Neither would I. For 100 euro…maybe, if the job was guaranteed in terms of security and hours. Most jobs are not at minimum wage.