Essential Property Apps.

Got any good property related Apps for your Android or iPhone? Feel the rest of the world should know about it? List them here…

Sun Surveyor.

Also a ‘lite’ version available for a lower price, but this one has the whistles and bells. Ideal for seeing if you actually get any sunlight in that back garden.

Here is a property price register android app I am developing a the moment … ster&hl=en

I’ve found ESRI’s ArcGIS app for the IPhone quite useful on several occasions. It’s has nowhere near the functionality of the full ArcGIS but useful for measuring areas/distances when you’re out and about, and very simple to use.

Very handy. Can you also search by year? and perhaps price bracket? Just has county and address so far

New builds prices will also need to be Vat added to show real price

Yeah, it is pretty basic at the moment , but I will be adding more features to it soon, the ones you mention are doable alright . The database is updated nearly every week , depending on updates on the PPR