Est Agents vicariously liable Equal Status Act 2000 to 2004

Under the Equal Status Act 2000 to 2004, an estate agent may become vicariously liable for an employee who discriminates against a person on grounds of disability in certain situations:
Property advertised for letting as wheelchair accessible. EA employee promises to get back to the client with an answer to a few queries on accessibility. After a day or so, client still hasnt heard so rings up and having been passed around from billy to jack is only to be told “sorry the property has been let and if something else comes up we’ll get back to you” However, the same property continues to be advertised for letting.
There are other situations of a similar theme and all based on a Landlord/EA “ticking a box” on a web-site, advertising a property as wheelchair accessible when clearly the landlord may have a bias against wheelchair users and has no intention of letting the place to a wheelchair user.
Can I ask EA’s out there to have a bit of consideration for wheelchair users and advise their staff of the same.
Also, maybe theres a lawer out there to advise further on this?

You might have better luck on in their legal issues forum asking the question. I think the lawyers here are more of the barracks kind…