Estate agent % and fees

I need to shift a property in Dublin 24. What is the cheapest estate agent % and feeslocal to Dublin 24. Or has anyone had a bad experience from one in DN 24?

The question you need to ask is who is the best agent. A bad cheap agent can get you 20k less than a good expensive agent.

Lets face facts money talks so in reality the cheapest win buiness nowadays. Another fact is, good or bad they are all full of bull, and will try to get a vendor to sell at any price. When 20k comes into it they dont care as that will net them only an extra €300- €400

As discussed on other threads – once the price database comes out (next month probably) the value of an agent falls considerably since you’ll be able to see selling prices in the area. You could consider just paying for professional photos and a DAFT listing.

As a recent’ish buyer I’m not sure its all about price.
My experience with Castle really put me off looking or buying Castle properties - not enough pictures in the ads, incorrect, bordering on downright lying descriptions (where there was more than a perfunctory one). Estate agent grotty dressed, no brochure or flyer entering the house. Far and away best were Sherry Fitz though no doubt there appeared to be a price premium paid expected for them.
Anyone but Castle would be my recommendation.

I used a particular Castle agent to sell our apt, found him very good. I think a lot is down to the individual.

Avoid hwp at all costs don’t want to go in to the details but very dodgy company And very disorganised. On the other end of spectrum found finnegans very good and competitive in terms of fees around 1.2 % to 1.5% depending on price

So EA don’t talk up prices, make up bids and do everything in their power to extract additional money from the buyer?

So all the aggression on the pin is misplaced :imp:

If my experience as a buyer is anything to go buy - I will never sell a house through Castle.

How they are still in business is beyond me.

More than likely completely untrue. While agents BS on that they are the only ones with true knowledge of the market, etc., a price database won’t lose them much business. In the US they have price transparency and yet people still pay 6%+ to agents. Many other countries have databases and use agents also. The fees in Ireland at 1%-2% are cheap and people will continue to use them. As for the OP, looking for the cheapest fee is not advisable. If you don’t want to pay any money, sell it yourself. If you want someone else to sell it, hire somebody that’s good. You might as well just sell it yourself rather than pay an absolute eejit 1% to sell it for you just for the sake of it.


I really don’t understand why people use EAs at all. People buy and sell all the time on the Internet so why not houses ? You see prices for comparable houses. You know what you will sell for. You advertise. You arrange viewing. Settle on a sale and let the solicitors take it from there 8DD

I’d be a lot more comfortable dealing at arms-length with transactions of this size. I don’t want to get to know a vendor personally.

I won’t say I wouldn’t do it, but if I see a vendor is selling the property themselves, I would be hesitant.

I would certainly respect that pov but l think the negatives in dealing with an EA far out weigh any real benefit. The big issue is one if trust and l unfortunately do not trust or respect EAs. They offer nothing to either buyer or seller IMO.

The important parties are Seller , Buyer , Solicitor and Surveyor. EAs are excess to requirements.

EA’s can be helpful and useful, and I think that they still have a place in the buying and selling of properties. I would prefer to deal with an agent than the owner.

If you want to sell your own place have a look at this site … _agent.htm (I just googled sell your own house).

I notice that lots of people come out a version of estate agents are useless, expensive and a waste of time but never add “so I sucessfully sold my own property”.

If the property is going to attract interest and you are working it is hardly worth the hassle. Get some recommendations, personally I’d go with SF for there.

Yeah - my house was on sale for 15 months. On agreed days I used to clean before leaving for work and my EA had a key and showed a LOT of people around the house while I was at work.

In theory if you price the house right it will sell quickly, but you just never know with banks and messers. You could find yourself back to square one more than once and have to start doing viewings - and taking time off - again.

Remember that in the US, EAs actually do some work. They actively market the property, they do proper viewings (instead of sending the Jobsbridge intern with a set of keys), and will do things like rearrange a room themselves to make it look more attractive. Many EAs also act for buyers and the commission is split 50/50 as far as I know.

EAs in the US are actually properly licensed and have to pass a comprehensive exam regarding local real-estate law, so they are “professionals”.

In Ireland, I cannot see what value an EA brings other than price advice. If you want to be at arms-length on the price negotiation, get your solicitor to be an intermediary regarding price. It will probably cost a couple of quid, but at the end of the day they’re just message-passing and is likely to cost you far less than 1-2% of sale price.