Estate agent - Conflict of interest

So hypothetically say we tried to sell our home with an EA.
This EA also is selling new properties in the estate.

Now we’ve moved to another EA after months of getting nowhere.

We’ve just found out that a viewer with our old EA will be viewing again with the new EA and that he told us that the old EA tried to push him towards the new properties over ours.

Anything I can do or is this just another area that’s corrupt and unregulated in this sweet land of ours?

Try repeatedly banging your head off the desk or the wall, it helps I find… :nin

I wouldn’t imagine you could do much - after all the EA did show them your house - EA’s can try and favour a new house over a second hand one for various reasons, stamp duty, condition of house etc. I don’t see it as a conflict of interest to be honest.
At the end of the day the buyer will choose the house they want.

Went to see a house a couple of months ago - the estate agent was late, had no details on the property and at the end handed us a brochure for some new builds “starting in September” with a very close design to the one we were viewing.

I was flabergasted.

To make matters worse the EA took my number and said one of the managing partners would ring me with prices for the new builds.

I talked with the managing partner, queried why they would give out details for another development whilst someone was viewing a different property, and was brusquely asked whether I wanted to know the prices and was I a serious buyer.

House is still for sale - now jointly listed with another EA (so they may have some hope of someone representing their interests) and no sign of the off-plans being anything other than on-plans.

I know if I ever go to sell a house who I won’t be using as the agent. Seems to be the only recourse.

Crying into one’s margarita is also useful - I find the saltiness of tears combines admirably with the basic concoction.