Estate Agent ... misadvertising ?

4 beds for 165k … interesting !

Actually real price 340k

Come back next year … :slight_smile:

€165k is about right if you ask me …

Actual real value 165k :smiley:

I hope they get inundated at the weekend with people wanting to buy it for €165k. And I hope that they get yelled at, a lot, by people who have driven to Cavan to see the houses.

Where do you see 340k? I can’t see it on the ad. What’s the story behind it. Why are they advertising 165k?

The fact that 340k is NOT on the advert is the point !

How do you know? Did you ring them EA or have you a link showing the 340k price? The whole thread is a bit mixed up/ missleading?

I rang the EA

4 Beds 340k
3 Beds 230k

It’s the 1 bed apartments that are 165k

Ah I see! I hope you wished the EA the best of luck, because they re going to need it at those prices :laughing:

pretty common tactic.
Apartment For Sale
From €269,680 - Finance this property from €1,061 per month *
2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms

Actual asking price €349k

:laughing: once the market returns to normal they’ll be fine

just like those lads in spencer dock… :wink:

Not the ones who bought off plans 5 years ago and are now getting a ransom rent!

I hope they have their Sat Nav’s cause when they reach cavan town they still have about 50-60mins to drive which includes going through Enniskillen, so its at least 3 hours from dublin. nice part of the country though.

Are you still going on about that 1 bed? Sure, the rent doesn’t cover the mortgage and associated costs…

From here:

What about the waterside homes being advertised in Keshcarrigan Co. Leitrim on Newstalk and Today FM ‘90 minutes from Dublin’…
If that was true i’d buy one myself, if you check out any routeplanner its 2hr 25mins and 167km, are sherry fitz telling us we should break speed limits?

ewd decided to try and drag the thread off topic, I merely replied!

From the BOI calculator, €280k over 25 years (longest period given for investor motgages), the lowest repayment rate applicable is €1,618.95 (1 year fixed).

Does it cover the interest costs of the mortgage? Even using your own figures it will cost him €119 pm=1428 p.a, plus annual service charge of say 1600. Ends up with a very centrally located apt, that has cost him €75k after 25 years(in todays values, now it will certainly be worth a lot more than 75k in 25 year)