Estate agent shuts office as houseing slump bites (Donegal)

Speaking of excellent value,
here is a 3- bed bungalow for sale for only EUR 1.25million!
I wonder if they got Liz O’Kane in to paint it beige?
Number 100, the next door neighbour(even numbers only on this side of road) was sold in 2007 - someone might not like their new neighbour :laughing:

Back to REAL Value, this 1100 square foot Semi in the WILDS of Donegal is yours for only **€1.13m **.

The EA could have a spot of bother shifting that !!!

This closure does not surprise me at all, Carlow town has apparently lost three offices in the last few weeks.
Agents must be getting frustrated with vendors ignoring the current market downturn and holding out for the impossible, many buried heads in the sand me thinks., however, at the end of the day they will have to succumb to reality, or simply stay put!

Knowing a little about this neck of the woods (Mrs Pill is from here) I’d say that that must be a misprint -€ 130K perhaps for a semi in Portnoo.

If the massive drop in EA advertising in the Galway Advertiser is anything to go by I would say the number of EAs in Galway City and surrounds will drop by 60-70% from Oct 2006 to Oct 2008 as will their transaction volume !!

One packed it in last summer to emigrate (long term plan I believe, no doubt spurred on by the downturn). Two others shut recently but they were branch offices of Eas in Tullow and Bagenalstown.

Those damn pinko commie buyers causing layoffs in Estate Agents, by…wait for it…Demanding “Value”.

The nerve of some people. This country didn’t get to be Number 1 in the most over-priced charts by providing “Value”.

Well it’s not going to happen. If we have get every Estate Agent in the country together for one final stand in the hallowed halls of Buratty Castle, we’ll fight to the last man to protect this country from “Value”.

Remember the Alamo!!!


does this mean things are going to get worse wrt pricing?. I would imagine the staff in these local offices would know the true price / value of properties in the area. If you are dependant on someone coming down from ‘Head Office’ to assess and value your house they could be picking figures from the sky (no smart comments here please!)

However closing satellite offices in small towns I dont see as a major market indicator. It’s simply cutting costs to maximise profit. Every business in a down trun does it, no matter what size. You dont have to be in a recession to do it.

When goes bust however…run!

Is it normal for a semi-d to have obstructed views of the garden :question:

Unless the outside tap gets in the way

Is it normal for Dublin Estate Agents to hire completely illiterate staff nowadays ???

Spelling never went out of fashion in Donegal I will aver.

Unfortunately I know someone who worked for Franklins.
Also a friend in wholesale/retail told me at the weekend that he’s on a three day week and the mortgage is biting.
Sad times.

Not anytime soon, there’s going to be a hell of a lot of people trying to sell houses over the next few years.
Unlike an EA, myhome make money by the property not selling.
The big winners will be whatever crowd make the for sale signs.