Estate agents close under market pressure

Ive been looking forward to this.
Far too many EAs out there.
Serious fat needs to be trimmed.
I wouldnt be surprised if the number of agents are half in 3 years, what the were in 2006.

There are still (unbelievably) too many EAs who believe that presentation sells property.
Brochures and make-overs are given greater importance than price.
EAs like this are reinforcing seller denials and prolonging the market correction.
They are also losing their clients money by not selling fast enough.

There needs to be a 75% cull.

But won’t that lead to less competion and thus a worse deal for the gen public/potential vendors?

And where do I fit into that ? :laughing:

Expected that response :laughing:

Mr A, a question if I may. Re rents, are asking prices generally, rarely negotiated, from your experience? Market - asking prices same, 10% lower? Thanks

"Another seasoned agent, in the midlands, told The Irish Times that no agents are covering their costs at the moment and that “the market has completely crashed”.

There’s a frank admission for you. You can only subsidise your costs for a limited period if you believe things will pick up in the near term. How many think that will happen?

Your gotta hope the other guy goes to the wall first and you can jack up your fees.

Dont know enough about rents to answer that.
I’d imagine August / September is not the best time to be looking as you are up against a lot of students.
Incidentially, I bargained my landlord down to 750 a month for a 1 bed in D4. Just dont put yourself in a position where you have to move immediately. Start looking long before that.