Estate agents - hiding price drops??

I have noticed two properties re listed as opposed to updated on myhome. I assumed a new listing would cost money but as far as I was aware they never went sale agreed. Are they being relisted to hide price drops? I noted someone on said they had noticed the same thing. Or is there a more obvious explanation?

  1. Now asking 445k, was previous 450k, and also in Harold’s cross.
  2. … -4/3030788 Was 425k, then 400k, now 385k. No price tracking though

As far as I can see - removing properties and re-listing is a common practice.
I’ve seen properties removed, and then re-listed with same agent at different price, or with different agent even.

Clever. You are right they are different agents. My conspiracy theory is debunked

I wouldn’t throw out your conspiracy theory just yet. Your general point is still relevant - maybe just not in this particular case.

Changing EAs is an interesting one: the vendor might think the EA isn’t putting in the work to sell the property, or the vendor might disagree with the EA and be insisting that it be listed for more than the EA thinks it’ll go for in current market. Sort of a “because I’m worth it” situation - saw a lot of that in 2008/2009.

Just 'cause you’re paranoid doesn’t mean… they’re not hiding price drops!

Unforunately, I just assume the EAs are underhanded - and work back from there. :wink: