Estate agents viewing rules level 5 restrictions



Staying in a friends house while it is getting sold. The buyers requested a 2 hour slot for surveyors recently, came back to find lots of furniture moved, lino pulled up and paint scrapping from wall + 3 windows open. Is this normal?
If that wasn’t enough last Friday, I was asked to step out for a viewing 1 week pre closing… to allow them measure up. Came back to the house 1 hour after the arranged time to see multiple contractors in and out of the house with the agent there and husband delivering in coffees. Obviously furious at the lack of respect as we are a family still living there and stupidity from this SherryF agent allowing this carry on in the middle of Covid :see_no_evil: what are the rules around this? Am I over reacting getting mad?


No. This sounds like a joke. Having gone to view quite a few houses since March, the standards and practices being applied by EA’s varies wildly. Some are doing their best (only showing unoccupied buildings, restricting numbers going into the property, operating private viewings and leaving ample space between viewings) others are doing feck all differently. I’ve even come across a few open viewings which is completely against the current rules.

Surprised to hear that the EA was overseeing all this and they should have, at the very least, been restricting the number of people going through the property because it’s occupied. I’d consider registering a complaint.


This is really one for the seller (your friend?). If they allow the buyers in to complete this ‘review’ ahead of the sale, then they are entitled to do it. It’s not really for the EA to decide what can/cannot be done - this should be agreed between seller and buyer. The EA just facilitates this.
I’m not referring to any Covid related restrictions, this is obviously a different thing!


I understand that there has been specific guidance issued to EA’s on how to facilitate access to properties during Covid (from PRSA I assume). While the furniture rearrangement and damage to the property are one thing, it’s the carefree attitude to allowing an unnecessary volume of people access to an occupied property during a pandemic which would annoy me. That would be the responsibility of the EA in that case.


The agreement was to get in to measure, the buyer took full advantage with a painter, carpenter and flooring coming visiting the house… Never mind the husband popping out to bring back 3 coffees for those inside. I confronted the estate agent and the owner put in a complaint. Although SherryF branch manager apologised I’m still absolutely furious but a little stuck as its really just not my house and don’t want to cause an issue with the sale