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What are they at?

how much are flights to and from australia goin to cost now!

surely it will be based on the aeroplane type that you take.
its hardly a flat tax.
imagine it designed to penalise the rust buckets that drink fuel
while benefit those aeroplanes that are fuel efficient.

It wouldn’t make sense otherwise!
We might yet regret not widening/lengthening the runway at Dublin for the A380 :mrgreen:

According to the NYTimes article it might add €12 to a long haul flight. I don’t think this is a big enough spark to start a trade war.

More protectionism, as long as the ‘type’ is Airbus.

U.S. Says EU Fails to Comply With WTO Airbus Ruling → … 11304.html

We could be going for a record topic:post ratio on this thread.