EU Energy R&D Plans … nergy.html

Interesting. The proposed €50Bn (over 10y) is broken down as follows

solar 16Bn
coal/carbon capture 13Bn
efficiency 11Bn
bioenergy/waste 9Bn
nuclear 7Bn
wind 6Bn

This being brussels the numbers add up to 62Bn not 50Bn. That’s not what worries the wind industry guy though:


For me hte big opportunity in Ireland is for bioenergy/waste (as it is for many countries). Waste is not something that you want to transport long distances. The Danes and the Austrians already make significant use of waste to generate energy. With the nitrates directive demanding better use of agricultural and sewage waste and a remaining waste treatment deficit, there is an opportunity to turn methane into something less harmful while getting energy from it.

Good point YM but remember nothing will be implemented in this country until “de lads” are sure to benefit from it and the farmers would have to be compensated for agreeing to change as they dont seem to hear anything unless your talking subsidies.

Mr Kjaer obviously doesn’t consider the €/KW figure important then, because that would mean that Wind is getting several thousand times more than Nuclear.

Nuclear has received stonk loads of R&D cash in the past , renewables are relative new comers

And on a Euro per KW generated, & yet too be generated, Wind is still receiving thousands of times higher percentage of the cash than Nuclear !


when you take transport out of the equation, this makes sense. the great thing about biomass is that it combines solar with energy storage - a natural solar plant + battery. the bad thing is that it consumes water resources, but this is not a problem in ireland.

unfortunately the green corporatist mafia elite want only wind, because it generates fast money upfront and … you know in ireland you can get real rich collaborating with government to rip-off consumers. real rich, like.

over-investment in wind is sucking away resources away from indigenous technologies like biomass. organistions like SEI produce bullshit reports supporting this scam and dissing technolgies such as tidal, solar, nuclear and biomass.

BUT the eu are waking up to this, as the new plans clearly demonstrate.