EU/IMF Interest rates

Correct me if I’m wrong, didn’t Lenny say, just last week that the interest rates that were negotiated with the EU/IMF CANNOT be changed. Today, he is hopeful that they are
Oh yes they are…Oh no…

Maybe a tactic to out flank Cowen. If “The Boyle” gets wind of this, I’m sure he will twit his mind…

More on this here from Bloomberg. … ate1-.html
I also caught the end of a news report on 6.1 that said that as well as renegotiating the interest rates, they would also be looking at ‘enhancing’ the Irish deal. I wasn’t paying full attention but it sounded suspiciously like we could be looking for more cash also.

The views of Mr.Peter Sutherland Chairman of Goldman Sachs. … z1GCLbT5EI

*Google “The EU must rethink Ireland’s deal” to get around the paywall.