EU / IMF repayment schedule

Apologies if this has already been asked - I’ve searched and can’t find any relevant information.

Does anyone have a pointer towards the repayment schedule for the EU / IMF bailout package, in terms of amounts and dates? The most information I’ve gleamed is from Namawinelake discussing a possible lowering of interest rates, and a table accompanying that article.

However, yesterday I read this article which contained the following stand out line.

Can that possibly be right? Namawinelake has Ireland repaying €10bn or so … but €54bn??

Maturity date on bonds??

My table linked to above is narrowly restricted to the repayment of the €23bn drawdown so far from the €67.5bn IMF/EU bailout. So you can’t compare the repayment of that with Ireland’s total debt repayment.

However I think the article you link to at yahoo is wrong. For example the article you link to says “Whereas Greece and Portugal have a hefty debt redemption schedule over the next three years of €94 billion (£83 billion) and €43 billion (£38 billion) respectively, Ireland only has €15 billion (£13 billion), a far more manageable sum.”

According to the NTMA, we will have €27bn to repay 2011-2013 and also €27bn to repay 2012-2914 (not sure what 3 years the article refers to) … e_html.php

I have not seen any recent official projection of repayments for 2018 - the last one is the NTMA’s linked above but that was prepared in Dec 2010 and excludes the bailout already received in Jan-Jun and the €45bn remaining to be drawn down.

Are the EU/IMF loans not 7 years?

Irelands outstanding Debt: Bloomberg

Year Amt(Mln)
2011 4,397
2012 5,563
2013 6,030
2014 11,857
2015 7
2016 10,169
2018 9,256
2019 14,467
2020 19,560
2025 8,285

Total Debt: 89,590.775 EUR
Total # of Issues: 13

Problem solved so, just your usual shoddy moronic journalism.

Ireland is due to repay 54bn in total between now and 2018, not in 2018.

Thanks for the response - I hadn’t realised the table was just the €23bn drawn down so far. Fark.

So it’s fair to say that we won’t know the extent of the repayment schedule until all funds are drawn down?

Oops, my mistake. I thought you had linked to this table reproduced on the blog a week ago - … =500&h=354 the table names are similar.

What you have linked to is my estimate in February 2011 of the complete bailout based on what we knew at that stage.

Since then it seems we will need less to recapitalise the banks - but maybe look here to see that we might need to revise upwards the March 2011 estimates … redundant/

But in truth, we have never had a detailed schedule of the drawdowns from the bailout, not by creditor, interest rate, maturity or amount. That may be in part because the NTMA don’t know exactly when the money will be needed or if it will be needed.

Yogan, the maturities are a mix of dates. Last November the NTMA was talking about * an average * maturity of 7.5 years. Here’s the detail on what we have drawn down so far

Thank you.

Bleedin’ averages…

You’d think the figures would be easy to find, but it’s like wading through treacle finding the updated numbers!

Does anyone have a link?