EU must prepare for ‘era of pandemics’, von der Leyen says

Eu have always been at War with the Virus

Commission president seeks to mirror US with health ‘authority’ to speed up reaction to medical crises

False Wars set piece. Lockstep kabuki theatre.

Seen recently, had never heard of him, or this quote, until this year though.

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A significant element of the witch burning era across Europe was attempts on the part of the emerging medical profession to corner the ‘healing’ market and exclude the competition by way of regulation.

The issue is often cited as a narrow-focussed cause celebre of modern feminism but the truth is a lot more nuanced.

It corresponds with the emergence of modern urban society as well as the elevation of gatekeeper professional classes who have retained their positions to the modern day.

Indeed we are today very much living with many of the consequences of that era.

Think of anti-mask, anti-vax’, anti-lockdown as being modern day equivalent of the witch and you get a semblance of the picture

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Flexner report & similar regulation then followed on…

Now recertification in the US, & similar annual requirements here etc. keep everyone in line.

The cases against some Irish GPs - the ‘vaccines’ are still all only approved under conditional marketing authorisation. Not full. Yet there are threats of censure for not actively prescribing and administering.