EU Parliament Election results - 2019


Carry on the watching here…

Wales is a sea of @brexitparty_uk

Britain leaving the European Union.

Brexitparty in UK with 31% equalling 15 seats.

The European Peoples’ Party (EPP) and Socialists & Democrats (S&D) are predicted to suffer heavy losses amidst a surge of both populist and liberal support, with voter turnout at a 25 year high potentially reaching 51 per cent.

In France, Marine Le Pen’s far-right National Rally party are predicted to take top spot with 23.7 per cent of the vote, against Emmanuel Macron’s centrist grouping on 22.5 per cent.

Speaking after the initial results were announced, Ms Le Pen said: “I see this as a victory for the people, who with pride and dignity have taken back power”, and claimed that the President should now dissolve the French parliament.

In Germany, Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union and the centre-left Social Democratic Union could be on course for their worst ever result at European elections, while the Green Party look like the biggest winners grabbing second spot.

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The far right have made gains, but not what they expected, excluding France and Italy. Elsewhere the centerist votes has held or not hemorrhaged as much as predicted, and what did change it seems to have gone green.

Tory part is having a nuclear meltdown, they might come 5th.

Hard brexit is now very likely


Salvini topping the poll in Italy, Le Pen in France, the Brexit party in the UK, even in Sweden nationalists are fighting back now against ever more integration.
Watching the RTE coverage in Montrose it may as well be a different planet, let alone a different continent, with Pat Cox spinning like a top trying to convince everyone that things aren’t changing out there. Old habits die hard for the likes of Pat.


Hannan just re elected for the Tories in Southampton.

Funnily just watching it, there was a Brexiteer elected called Alexandra Phillips, and straight away a Green elected called Alexandra Phillips.

Anne Widdecombe elected for Brexit, still dishing out cold porridge common sense to BBC suggestions that the negotiations were done and dusted


Looking overall it’s an Eastern Europe is right leaning and western Europe has gone left leaning. While its not easy to categorise, the hard left are a much larger block than the hard right.


One of the issues coming from the British and other votes is that it is too simplistic to view votes for euro sceptic parties as right, and votes for other parties as left leaning. The BBC etc are trying to push this narrative but many on the left, including the hard left are and always have been as euro sceptic as any Tory from the home counties. Remember when Sinn Fein were a nationalistic euro sceptic party on the left here, not that long ago. Joe Higgins was probably the last real socialist euro sceptic we had here.

Labour in Britain will have lost plenty of support to the Brexit party as well, and so Corbyn is put out there today to change tack towards switching Labour to a remain/2nd referendum position in the hope of cutting this particular vote loose, but on the other hand attracting those floating Lib Dem voters to switch into the Labour camp for the next General election.