EU using Dublin as example of worst-case urban sprawl

EU using Dublin as example of worst-case urban sprawl

08:04 Wednesday October 4th 2006

The EU’s environmental body is reportedly using Dublin as an example of what not to do when it comes to urban planning.

Reports this morning say the European Environment Agency has identified Dublin’s urban sprawl as a “worst-case scenario” in city planning.

It reportedly says “extremely passive” planning policies have also led to undesirable urban sprawl in towns and villages throughout Ireland.

The assessment is contained in a study designed to help new EU member states like Poland avoid making the same mistakes. … 9&si=99364

Bloody foreigners.

AH yes, but sure haven’t we used the “foreigners” money to build this horrible urban sprawl that we call HOME!!! :slight_smile:

This thread started by OW over a year ago. The State Broadcaster decided to examine the background to the issue last night. About ten f*cking years too late. The with it journos have been too busy spending their shillings and wiping the arses of the “risk-takers” to actually examine what has been taking place all round them. We are ill-served by those who take part in Public Life on a monumental scale. Their only role would appear to be simply to facilitate and profit from the so-called free market. Welcome to the past, present and future.

There are good journos too - Frank McDonald from the IT for one. But what’s he gonna do on his own?

I heard this before. I was also told that Dublin planning system is given as an example of what not to do in city planning in some European Universities.

Don’t include me in that WE. I had nothing to do with it.

Anybody interested in starting a political party to combat the stupidity that exists in our current government? Probably no better time given Bertie B’Stards current performance.

I believe the PD’s web domain, stationary and office equipment may be coming up for sale soon.

I actually think a much better approach than starting a party would be to arrange the takeover of an existing party.

Most Fianna Fail cumann have about 4 or 5 members who show up at meetings. It would be a relatively simple task to arrange for a handful of people to attend the AGM of each cumann and get elected to all the posts, then it’s just a matter of sending delegates to the next level up and before you know it you’ve got a couple of seats on the National Executive.

I’m sure they’d take steps to stop it once they realised what was happening, but it’d be fun for a while to see the press releases proclaiming the huge jump in membership.

Getting them to take steps to stamp out a democratic move would in itself be a sort of victory.


Yeah the only way someone can change this country is from inside the system, ie inside Fianna Fail.

What you outline above sounds easy, but would be a lot harder in practice.

My old man is a town planner in the UK and they quiet often send students over to Dublin to show how it’s not done, they have been doing it for years, each year they say it just gets worse.

Thats the 2nd most depressing bit of news I got today.

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Thats the 2nd most depressing bit of news I got today.

Whats the first???

Zoe or now Danniger, chasing me for years and now encircling me as we speak, there is no escaping their concrete cataclysms. Sheriff of Nottingham springs to mind, now i know how Robin felt! Holy Property Bustup Batman :blush:


Looks like the train to Navan may not be going ahead,
this just MIGHT have an effect on the price of houses in Navan, Kells and Virginia

Once you are touched by the dark side you may turn into a money grabbing corrupt maggot yourself. Then who knows. Next stop Teasecht (bloody spelling in Irish, if they want people to lean it why don’t they completely change the writting of it and make it spell as it sounds.)

You would be surprised how many French and Spanish colleagues of mine say the same thing about English :smiley:
[Edit: I suppose that’s the justification for US English]

at the risk of repeating myself , LLs with well located gaffs ie walking distance to town / shops etc are happy with this situation.
i am thinking of joining FF.
they seem to have my best interests at heart.

off with you to FF then :laughing:

you can’t stop the crash

Is there an existing (abandoned) line running to Navan?
If so, how the hell could it cost eu500M to re-open it? Are they running it underground