Eugene Street, Dublin 8 - 11% gross rental yield!?

Terraced House
1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom
Overall Floor Area: 40 Sq. Metres (431 Sq. Feet)

Asking 85k, claims it can be rented out for about c. €800 per month.
That would be an 11% yield.

You have been warned.

Bad news when the EA can’t spell negotiable!

House looks like it needs quite a bit of work before it could be rented - some of it might be easy DIY stuff, other things like the roof may be more complicated.

Actually Tallaght is showing good yields at the moment.
It has a reasonably strong rental market.

You can pick apartments up for the same price as this one, but far better quality.

Recently redecorated? €800 a month? No way, this gaff is squeezed in between Cork St. and Donore Avenue, max rent €350pm.

Here’s a place on Eugene Street looking for 850/month. It’s been done up (I think), but even with minimalist furniture, mirrors and glass, it still looks cramped. Might suit 1 nurse paying €450/month.

The area is shit and always will be.

Don’t be exaggerating, people. Right now a house in Eugene St in decent nick will rent for something in the region of 800. Ok, might only be 700 but it’ll be well, well over 450. The floor for non-shared and non-studio accommodation in Dublin is currently about 650, even in the worst of areas. 450 will get you a houseshare and that’s it (or maybe the dingiest tiniest studio in the city, which this is a long way off of).

The questions are what work needs doing on this house, where are rents going next (now that a lot of people have lost 150 quid or so a month due to the Budget) and where are interest rates going.

It’s not spacious but going by pics the house is clean, well maintained, has dishwasher etc, and they’ve put in a mezzanine floor so that place has more floorspace than most of the other little artisan cottages in the city. Welcome to the value for money available in the rental market for one-beds in Dublin.

You wouldn’t even get a bedsit in Dublin for €450 a month.

Quite a few studio flats around for the 420/450€ mark in Dublin area, plus a few other bargain one beds, prices range 500-700€ not the greatest but still cheap good value for a two bed