Eur Wedge On De Edge

We haven’t been sovereign since 2008 officially in my book, much longer in my follow up book…

Sovereignty never existed in mine… BD

Do you exist in yours?

Of course not.

What narrator does? :smiley:

Galileo, Allah, and Boccaccio, to name three. :smiley:

As inspired by “discostu”:

Copyright that straight away WGU and contact this crowd straight away

I’m serious work of genius we’re rich I tells ya rich

Looks like a Kerry version of the cover of “Sergeant Pepper” … with the bauld Jackie as lead singer of “The Baytles”.

Just heard this on the BBC news

U.K. Signs Treaty With Switzerland Over Undeclared Accounts

lots more in the actual link … lenews_wsj

That whirring sound is of the Harold Robbins of the world spinning in their graves.

Makes Switzerland even less of a safe-haven for UK non-doms

Ie… Legally if you are non-domiciled in the UK, you do not have to declare or pay tax on income earned abroad that is not remitted back to the UK
But, now if it sits in a Swiss a/c then try getting the 48% tax deducted at source back off the UK Govt!!!
You are better off having your offshore a/c in Germany or France

If you are genuinely offshore then you should be able to claim this back from the Inland Revenue once you prove it is not ‘hot’, no?

I’m no expert… hence my next question… for the purposes of trying to protect ones wedge, what’s the difference between opening a Swiss franc account with UBS in Dublin ( and flying to Switzerland and opening an account over there?..

…apart from the flights and going to a different country…

I’m no expert either, I flew there and opened the account see some of my earlier posts. I think you can do it by post but it takes longer. You need to keep the total value of 50K Swiss Franks in any currency in the account to have it charges free. Other wise it costs about 15 euro per month to maintain the account.

It was quicker to open it and not too expensive to fly there. Zurich is a lovely city why not treat your partner to a weekend away.

Mrs. DozyH rang them today - upshot is, we need to fly to Zurich.

I was reading your previous posts, all you need is a passport? Did you need to bring any money with you or was that all transferred over the interwoogie after it was setup? Much appreciated for all your input and feedback so far…


Don’t bring cash, you transfer it when you get the account details.

Bring proof of address, passport, utility bill etc and enjoy the break in Zurich it’s a beautiful city.

If you are in a hurry and book a round trip that routes you back through Germany you can do it at the branch in the airport in about an hour without even going into the city. Take the early morning Swiss flight out of Dublin and be back in the early afternoon. I brought proof of address/utility bill but was told they didn’t want it (10 months ago). They just wanted my passport. Bringing cash was frowned upon. They very much wanted it transferred from an account in your home country so they could make the assumption that the funds are clean and tax has been paid.

Thanks again for the help… much appreciated…

ABN AMRO for ‘overseas’ customers - based in Schipol. Therefore, similar to above - possible to a day return. Also not necessary to go over; they’ll accept apostilled docs but then you’d miss the hookers.

Emergency procedures fail to reassure personal depositors → … 66139.html