Eur Wedge On De Edge


Been on my mind as well


Already done so, although looking to buy gold miners, though that’s controversial around these boards :slight_smile:


trade balance higher again – c. €30bln now a month!
constant bid under the Euro … when the portfolio shifts have finished (may have already) currency will strengthen …


Rumour that Greece PM will call a snap election Just seen on the BBC news site may have an impact


Get your asset allocation right for the long term, and give up on market timing. Take a look at


Feel free to throw up a quick paragraph if you feel like it, Im definitely open to suggestions.


There is going to be a mass exodus in the equity market when this baby blows - and then we will welcome QE4


"I think Finland should not have joined the euro. But how to dismantle that decision, that is a very complicated question" - Finland foreign minister
Finland considering a referendum on Euro membership in 2016. … land-euro/


For anyone who banks with UBS have you received a letter informing you of new monthly charges? I’m already getting zero interest and being charged CHF 5.00 per account. Now, as of March 1, I am to be charged a CHF 30.00 monthly fee levied on “clients domiciled abroad”. This applies to all clients with less than CHF 250,000 in assets with UBS.

Rabodirect pay 1% on deposits up to €50,000 so, if you have €50,000 in cash, there is about a €750 benefit (between fees and interest net of DIRT) to keeping it in Rabodirect rather than in UBS. Now being able to switch your cash into CHF at the drop of a hat should the Euro’s continuing existence come into question again is certainly a nice option to have. But is it worth paying €750 a year for this?


Has anyone recently done the Newry run for opening a sterling acc?

My wife is applying for a bursary to do a course in the UK and they won’t let her progress her application without a UK bank acc (sterling acc in Irish bank will not do, has to be UK sort code). I’ve looked at the online options which all say get an acc in a few minutes but you have to wait a few weeks to get it processed.

If Newry is still an option I’d be as happy to hop in the car and have it sorted this week.


Not recently. I did the run to sunny Milton Keynes a few years ago for a similar purpose. Would not recommend.


AIB can do you a sterling account with a UK sort code through AIB UK. Mine was for a business so not sure if it is the same if you need a personal account.


I set up a Newry UB business account without leaving Dublin a few years ago. Have never been to a physical branch.


There seems to be a personal acc version of this, sent off the application yesterday.

It’s just needing any UK acc number just to progress the application, we might not even use it as there’s a few handy UK bank card options like Monese.


I did it the other way around - i.e. I moved back to Ireland recently from the UK, but I wanted to open an Irish account while still living in the UK last summer. The only way I could do it was to open an account with Ulster Bank - they are a “sister” bank to NatWest in the UK (for want of a better way to describe it) so when I needed to verify my address, passport etc what I was able to do was pop into the local NatWest bank in England and they were able to certify/verify my ID (utility bill, passport) - then they sent the certified copies on through their internal postal system to Ulster Bank HQ in Dublin, who then set up my current account in Ireland (with my address being in the UK). It took a couple of weeks and a bit of chasing but it was sorted.

So what I’m saying in a long-winded way is that logically you should be able to do it the other way around - i.e. your wife could give NatWest Customer Services in the UK a ring and see if they can open her account. You should be able to do all your ID verification/certification through your local Ulster Bank in Ireland, which they can then send on to NatWest in the UK and then they can open her account. Does that make sense?


Thanks, it makes sense but hopefully the AIB acc I applied for will be active by next week. At least that’s what they estimated.


Well fuck me but dealing with AIB is an absolute waste of time. (they’re my wifes bank, I don’t deal with them) She got a call back today from their head office asking her to go back in to her local branch to fill out a few more forms that would be waiting there for us. This was after we’d been assured three days previously that they had everything.

We went in as instructed to the local branch who knew nothing of any of this and it took an entire lunch break to find the correct forms and complete them. Having expressed repeatedly that time was of the essence in this matter their whimsical botched handling was reminiscent of when they had former GAA stars selling financial products they didn’t understand.

Anyway feeling extremely flustered and no wiser as to when AIB would have a UK based sterling acc set up for us, I went home and set one up on Monese mobile app in less than an hour. I got what I needed, a UK sort code and acc number. Whether Monese is any good or not to use I will report back later.


As I suspected AIB have completely disappeared on this matter. Contacted them an update on the application and they couldn’t even find it!
Got my Monese debit card in the post yesterday into which I can deposit sterling for when I’m in the UK.


Good oul AIB


AIB - Am I a Bank?

“Are those my feet?”