Eur Wedge On De Edge


Deposit interest rates are almost nil.
Where are smart ballsy folk putting their money these days?


Under the mattress, or commercial equivalent.


Has anyone noticed money transfers as being slower than usual?


No, but from Davy…

“Client Update
Due to volatility on global markets today you may not be able to obtain a direct quote in certain securities. This is not a system issue. If you wish to trade and cannot get a quote you should place a limit order.”


Anyone any thoughts on what one should do with pension investments in the light of Brexit and crashing £ etc?

Move to cash for a while, keep buying into ETF’s, get out of UK builders banks, bitcoins (again) etc?

Assuming retirement is >15 yrs away.


Up +15% last month, +56% last 6 months


But potentially in for an interesting few days. A lot of the current run-up is in anticipation of production of new bitcoins halving, which will happen in a few days (currently due on Saturday). People have been buying in in anticipation that this will cause prices to skyrocket. If that doesn’t happen (and one could argue that it’s already more than priced in), there may be a fairly dramatic selloff. Bitcoin pricing is very much driven by speculation.


Depends on how much of the downside has occurred already. (Not very helpful, I know). The £ has been slaughtered already. Is it really going to get much worse, especially against the € which has its own woes? Don’t make the same mistake I did by going to cash in 2009 and missing all the subsequent growth of the next several years! (Not that my pension is worth a whole lot anyway). This time round I’ve just been mucking about taking advantage of volatility with my own stock picks. Up a tidy five-figure sum in just the last few weeks, but I know feck all about this lark so I’ll probably get slaughtered eventually. :smiley:

#1789 … ter-losses



someone has cash to dump!


The KLF are back? … llion_Quid


May be a blip… :ninja:

First Bank Collapses Amid Coronavirus Woes: More in Store?

The First State Bank based in Barboursville, WV has become the first bank to fail since the coronavirus pandemic spread across the United States. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) made this announcement on Friday.

The FDIC noted “The First State Bank has experienced longstanding capital and asset quality issues, operating with financial difficulties since 2015.” Moreover, the bank’s capital levels as of Dec 31, 2019 were too low for legally staying operational.

Therefore, all four branches of The First State Bank, along with its deposits and certain assets were immediately acquired by MVB Bank Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of MVB Financial Corp. MVBF. As of Dec 31, 2019, it had nearly $139.5 million of total deposits and $152.4 million in total assets.


Eddie Hobbs with an upbeat Easter message…


To do many of those things to protect yourself, would require physical freedom and mobility that at present would represent an illegal act within, or a revolutionary moment against, the current Committee Statism on the Island of Ireland, depending on the numbers naturally and the weather.

In other words, it is essentially illegal to ensure ones own well being or impossible in certain circumstance due to the current fiat rule.