Euro-Bankers Demand of Greece … ust-do-so/

Sovereign NAMAs all round.

Its not the Dáil or the Greek Parliament that people should be storming, its Canary Wharf.

I’d go further afield -> … e=UTF8&z=6


Is it now safe to assume that NAMA was simply an EU/Banking industry dry run for the sovereign crisis which they must have been aware was coming down the line?

Indeed, can the word “sovereign” still be used with any degree of accuracy to describe the political entities within we live?

Does anyone still believe that our democracy is of any relevance when it comes to deciding these matters?

Anyone looking for indicators as to the future of the euro might like to note that on January 1st 2011 Estonia will become the 17th country to join the monetary union. Well yabba dabba doo.

To paraphrase Groucho Marx: I wouldn’t want to be part of any monetary union that would have us as a member XX