European and Local elections 2014

I’m detecting a certain apathy here, unless there’s a thread I’ve missed somewhere.

I’m still registered in my home constituency in Cavan as being a renter I don’t see myself as having a permanent address. Anyway, I look at my local councillor ticket and what am I presented with? 4 FF, 4 FG and 1 SF candidate XX

I then happened across Pat Kenny on the radio yesterday also. I don’t know who he was talking to but it was a Fine Gael or Labour representative. Twice in the space of five minutes Pat says to the deflated interviewee. “You know why you are being hammered. People are up to their eyeballs in debt and negative equity and there has been no debt write off for them” XX

It’s reassuring at least that Fianna Fail are regaining some of their lost seats.

What can you really say about elections where you start at the bottom of your list, number the candidates in reverse order of your dislikes, hold your nose and see what turds float to the top. Don’t know about others, but that was how it was for me.

That’s precisely how I voted.
Hence, I ended up with independents as my tops.

Did any of them get elected?


Cool, I’m one 1 for 7 currently in Offaly, hoping for 2… (i.e those of those that I selected to vote for versus those that were also on the ticket…).

I’d wonder about Kenny sometimes…he’s up to his neck in current affairs so he should know what’s really boterhing people. And the majority certainly are’nt affected by arrears.
Or is he letting his own personal agenda influence his line of questioning

I also put all the independents at the top of my list (Dun Laoghaire electoral area). Looks like not one of them will be elected. Pretty clear though, that the vote went every which way. Bailey – an FG’er and old local favourite (not of mine, necessarily) but who actually bothers his hole staying in touch between elections – got elected on the first count. After that, nobody elected until the 12th count (FF) and then 14th count (PB4P). If things stay as they are it will be 2 FG, 2 FF, 2 PB4P, 1 SF, and 1 Green … with the Labour incumbent of more than 30 years (Jane Dillon Byrne) narrowly missing out. But it’s narrow enough that anything could happen.

Had to laugh at the shenanigans in Blackrock. Hanafin for FF, after being almost thrown out of the party for not withdrawing her candidacy after FF change their mind and decided it was the wrong electoral strategy to run her alongside a junior FF … got elected on the first count and has now pulled the junior along with her. Mehole scrabbling to backpedal and claim it was the right thing all along.

Seeing Enda making excuses for FG on the telly reminds me that our thundering disgrace of a Taoiseach doesn’t feel he has to actually talk to the press most of time. All in all I’d say FG have come out of the locals better than they deserved. As for Labour … do you have to stay in office two and a half years or something to get max. pension? So, Gilmore will be gone in August.

Better still - MacNamara now calling for the entire front bench of his own party to go:

I mean, if you are going to start a fight, why just stop at Gilmore ?

Could be a good election for Jack and Jill…

And Joe Costello’s response shows what’s wrong with the brethren:

Wait a sec, we had 883 councillors in 2012 ( … 93331.html), but there are 949 this time round? How has abolishing town councils increased the number of councillors?

Indeed and a very under reported story, surprised no one really picked up on this.

Suits the parties of the system, I wonder had there been less seats might labour have been whipped out even more.

“No public criticism of Labour ministers ?”

Colm Keaveney ?

Phil Prendergast ?

Kathleen Lynch ?

Did we just imagine their departures and comments ?

I hope they come back to this clown when his wife’s votes are counted… should be about 10.15pm…

Sweet Jesus. Eventually man and woman in the country can be a councillor. Then we will have our direct democracy :smiling_imp:

abolition of town councils where you needed about 200 votes to get the cushy well paid part time job and claim 50k expenses for trips to ny

Why isn’t there a realistic alternative to these parties? Depressing to read about more dynastic"political families", and the underwhelming options on the ballot.

What about a new party with bywords of transparency, honesty and accountability? Reading the commentariat saying this is a rejection of austerity when it is actually a rejection of the same tired political incompetence…

Why don’t we have a meaningful pirate party here? Or anything?

Because they wouldn’t be able to fill the potholes, speed up the passport applications, get the planning through, inflate the egos of people who want to know the minister is from their town, or any of the other vital functions of a politician of course, so there’d be no point voting for them.

Good grief, the dumb questions people ask! :unamused:


Once again the Irish electorate have demonstrated their belief in a money tree. A money tree is a tree that grows money, and money can be picked from that tree and spent with no effect. They have been doing this since 1977. Leo Varadkar declined to blame the electorate for been juvenile and stupid on the radio. I have no problem in saying that. We get the government we deserve.

Possible that hayes may not get in, but probably safe. The people before profit and socialist party split up the vote for the seat joe higgins won In dublin in 2009. The hard left has done alright in these elections, but not as well as they might have as some of the fairytale economics don’t add up for working folk.

In greece the hard left came from nowhere to top the poll.
Again it’s a matter of accepting the least worst option as old shit for brains ryan in preference to the fianna failer getting the last dublin seat.

What I found rather incomprehensible was the Leftie Euro candidates campaigning on purely local (to EU minded folk) issues such as Property Tax and Water Charges.
I doubt if many Euro parliamentarians, left right or centre, care a hoot how much local levies we pay or how we pay them. Hard sell for our Comrades to campaign for abolition among folk who have had such charges going for decades as well, I’d imagine!