European Central Bank raises rates by another 0.25 %

Devalue and import loads of inflation!

Wasters playing to the gallery,nothing else.
FG and labour could have called the FF/PD’s on the housing market years ago but did nothing,so their concern for Irish familys is extremely hypocritical .
Every mainstream politican in the country bears some responsibility for the situation we are now in(some more than others of course).
As for labour their “plan” to subsdise every buyer in the country,just shows they are a disaster waiting to happen.

Yozzer Huhes - brilliant. :astonished:

Let’s hope Austin doesn’t uncover this site at work or somehting and develops a complex about being the poster boy for the crash…Desperate Dan and Maid Marian have also been spouting this crap for the last few years…I’m fed up with people telling me down the boozer how Dr. Dan is never wrong, he’s just the best out there.

Comical’s take on the rate rise. … 9368.shtml

Lots of talk of Greenspan’s replacement becoming known as (Rate) Slasher Bernanke in response to the US housing depression.

This 97K rise in unemployment is, in real terms, a fall.

The US population is rising, so the economy needs to create 150K jobs a month simply to stand still. The dollar has no credible ability to stay below 1.35 unless it manages to sustain a rise above 140K per month and gets the twin deficits under control.