Even the council houses are empty

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On the bright side, back in 2005, there was €2bn worth of empty council houses, and if prices keep dropping at present rates we expect empty council houses to be worth nothing at all by 2010.


I wonder how Country Tom would present these statistics.

Anyway, people have a right to hold out for that penthouse in the docklands.

The council bought the dregs of the housing stock. That was all well and good when we were in ladder-mania back in 2005, when people would take anything, but now we’re in a falling market and people can be pickier about what they want.


I’ve been on the affordable housing list for south Cork for nearly two years now and haven’t been offered a thing. Why? Because the council wasted their money buying gaffs 50 miles from Cork city. Shit that no one wants.

The scandal is that serious consideration was given to the idea of buying up empties to use as council/affordable houses while there is a tonne of the stuff just lying around.

Or the way rent allowance was paid to private landlords.

I wonder what kind of housing it was. I’m guessing it’s inner city flats rather than houses.

Because you need to see what different categories you can put the “empty houses” into. Depending on the definitions for each category the answer to the question, and the inevitable follow up questions can be different and not fully representative, but not factually incorrect either. The answer needs to be prepared so that no information, or very little information is given out, and that if the questioner doesn’t ask the “right questions”* then they will be no nearer an answer than if they’d never asked in the first instance.

Watch Yes Minister for more on why an answer is not a simple thing…

The other interesting thing is the “street value” mathematics that you see in drug bust reporting being applied to houses.

Just over 5000 houses, = just over 1 Billion.
So, the street value of a house in Ireland these days is 200K.
Or at least the street value of empty council houses is.

Seriously though, all joking aside. How do we have housing lists AND empty houses AT THE SAME TIME? Would you not even think to stick a few people off the waiting list into some of these empties, just while you’re waiting for your unevolved brain to catch up with the glaring arithmetic of this situation?

I mean I know it’s easy to poke fun at the public sector, and I know some crazy shit happens in private companies, but come on. We’re talking about FIVE THOUSAND HOUSES, that were bought and left to sit empty.

And the government is cutting services to you and I so they can find a few quid.

I think I need to restore my faith in democracy by reading some George Bush anecdotes.



solution 1:
sell these houses on the private market and gentrify the areas where prospective tenants are reluctant to move to.
by the time more council houses come vacant it won’t be such a bad area and it will be easier to re-house people there.
People talk about social inclusion; it should work both ways. Government were trying to get 20% of housing developments for social housing. At the moment the non-welfare classes don’t move in to county council estates.

solution 2:
Sell these empty houses to a private rental company for rental as social housing.
The private rental company will find a tenant for every single one of the empty houses.
The Government will get 100s of millions in cash. The tenants will get housed.
The County Council housing departments will never let any more houses fall vacant as they will not want their monopoly sold on to the competing private rental company who are dong them out of a job.

I have heard before of tenants leaving council houses in a mess after they leave.
The cost of doing up these houses can account for thousands of much needed council funds.
As a consequence, their ‘renovations’ are put on the long finger and they can’t be let out in the meantime!

I know. I’ve been looking out on a Council House in the next estate to me which has been boarded up for over a year now.

I know one person who was offered a council house.
When they went to move it they found that the back yard and shed were completely filled with junk and rubbish.
The council said it came with the house from the previous tenants and tough.
They had to pay for their own skip to get it all cleared away.

I couldn’t get over how useless the council were in not being able to ensure that the property was handed back in the proper state… or brought up to the proper state before being let again.

I can :wink:

I can’t get over how many people can’t get over how useless the council are.


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Others, stick to the council houses!!! :wink:

Ye boss, sorry boss :smiley:

5000 unit is a drop in the ocean compared to the 2-300,000 empties. But is there no legal way to force accountability on those councils which paid top dollar for new units recently, when they had empty units lying around that just needed a bit of maintenance?

Could only happen in Ireland!

Just another reason we are in this total economic melt down.


The only way to bring councils into line is to make them legally responsible for their spending in that they can go to gaol for corrupt or wasteful practices.
They are too much a law unto themselves and there should be guidelines and something along the lines of a comptroller of county councils to question and review their annual spending plans before allowing them go ahead.
Also their funds raising methods should be questioned and the comptroller should not be answerable to central government so it could not be influenced by the local gombeen TD but much better answerable to an impartial panel of professional planners, engineers etc etc and not a quango of shite.
Thats the problems with a lot of these councils TOO MANY VESTED INTERESTS.

magoko101 wrote:

Well boo hoo hoo. They got a FREE house and now they have to clean it up? You mean like any TAXPAYER would have to do?

I’ve also read of these people refusing houses because they don’t have double-glazing and stuff like that.

This is what the Welfare State has caused. My solution (until capital punishment is reintroduced)? F**k them all out into the street until they get a damn job and PAY for their own houses, like everyone one else has to do…I for one am sick of carrying these parasites. Natural Selection would have wiped out these losers ages ago. Let Mother Nature do her thing!

classy guy

Did you hear that guy on Gerry Ryan whinging about how he wasn’t getting enough free money to furnish his free house?

Brought a tear to my eye.