Everyone for themselves!


Great story Roc. The Wizard could have kept his door shut, he could have humiliated the pompous man etc. etc. But instead, he opened his door, tried to connect, tried to find ways of helping him to understand. While he appeared to fail (the pompous man left with the same amount of foolish pomposity he came in with!) who is to say when or where a moment of enlightenment could occur for any of us?? (Let’s not be pompous and assume that we don’t need to be more enlightened too!)


the younger generation are different - social media has helped with this - different things motivate them, not just money, for example social status, for now.

World is changing at an ever increasing pace but one thing stays the same - you need to have some means available to you (and often more is better) to protect yourself and your family. If somebody bigger picks a legal fight or if you need healthcare then you need money.


Yes, very true. The writer of the story used to often go on about how important a huge ‘generation gap’ was, particularly as society’s evolution speeds up. The gap had to be big enough so that the different generations inhabited completely different mental models etc. Only in this way, would western society be able to make the adaptations required to survive in our fast changing environment. So, in the story above, he is making the point that young people must not ‘learn’ what the previous generation know. Rather, they must ‘unlearn’ it. ie. Better that they stay away from formal education and instead keep at listening to music and taking drugs. Neat idea huh.


The wizard needs a little perspective…

There are more infants surviving to adulthood, both in absolute and relative terms, than at any other stage in human history. Things that we have learned, that most specifically do not need to be unlearned, save lives and limbs. My uncle had polio as a child and has been affected by this his entire life; I and my siblings were vaccinated against it, as were my own kids. I lost an aunt to TB when she was very young, a condition that would be curable now. I can only hope that my kids don’t unlearn too much.


I really don’t get it. Maybe I’m a Pompous Man myself. But saying children have to “unlearn” stuff it facetious bullshit. We just need to teach them to think for themselves in the first place, and use what they learn in school as building blocks, not an end in themselves.


Unlearning means learning in the truest sense of the word.


Perfectly said, OW. In fact universities like trinity used to propound this a long time ago, before we became so modern, capitalist and efficient. They saw success in education as producing in the minds of their graduates what they called ‘tabula rasa’ or a blank slate. Then, the man was ready to go out into the world. A long way we are away from that now apart from a very small part that is mostly sneered at and starved of resources when it calls attention to itself…


Universe is a blank hologram we paint with our minds.


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Schooling and learning are not the same thing.




Eric Hoffer