Eviction Ban Lift - 3K evictions in the pipeline

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It’s a WAR scale Hegelian destabilisation op being rolled out via media and regime, makes 2022’s Mandate Monday, Forget it Friday look professional.

It’s already being used to speed up the spin to get to #Right2HousingFroAll

The eviction ban has done a lot of damage

-head in the sand decision just delayed the issue of lack of supply for a few months;
-new potential landlords not interested in entering;
-existing landlords getting out asap;
-big exit at one time;
-Govt coalition at breaking point;
-supply that may have been there, had the ban not been in place, was given to refugees


Will we notice an uptick on supply in the sales market, 3K eviction if most go for sale has to have a notable before and after impact.

Salient point made on the twitter, and of course the twi legs good the conflict of interest, the ethics and moral hazards as usual be dammed. The ban was pure fast-food politics, but they weren’t gong to suffer any losses, everyone has learned form last time, the TD’s need to exit the market, and that might be the most fundamental motivation and explained of all, and if they’ now moving from being LL’s to CPO their former rental gaffs, well, how could they not suck on the self-gravy?

Everything they has been done for the last decade is marching toward full commie.

It’s hard to call these things market in the true sense

You’d be nostalgic at this point for the pre PRTB rental market.

Michael Healy Rae voted to extend the eviction ban. I believe he has the most rental properties of all TDs.

He’s cute out, votes to extend so he can say he did. Hope The Ditch or someone checks how many of these are sold in the coming months.

Eitherway, you don’t solve a supply issue with an eviction ban.

Nor do you solve a supply issue if you think it is the root cause either.


I heard his brother voted the opposite. So they’re covering both bases. Canny.

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