Eviction turns to violence in Strokestown Co. Roscommon


This was top story on the 9 o’clock news. We’re going to see a lot of media management about it over the next week.

We’re going to see Charlie Flanagan and Leo comment. Condemnations of the violence are a given. But what else will they say and do ? Will the police be instructed to maintain a presence on site for reasons of public order ? That’s the key State decision here.

The bank needs to decide if it is capable of maintaining possession and who would do that for them. They need cameras etc.

Obviously the bank will get a wide ranging injunction against anyone or persons unknown interfering - but those don’t matter in the middle of the night.

Loan Documents
I don’t know whether KBC’s loan documents give them right to be Mortgagee in Possession themselves or appoint an accountant as Receiver. I imagine they would have appointed an NI receiver by now if they had that power.

The locals need to go ‘Granard after Ann Lovatt’ silent about the whole thing. The Guards are going to target the simpler minded types involved and target them for questioning. You’re only as strong as your weakest link.

We’re going to see briefing against the borrowers. But the name of the Einstein in KBC who lent them the money will never be known :stuck_out_tongue:


If the borrowers want public sympathy (i.e. to stymie the law), they should put their cards on the table but they won’t because the truth is usually messy. The media won’t push for the truth - I doubt they will even name the borrowers. Instead we’ll get lots of the generalised appeals and whataboutery like Blindjustice found on Boards.

I wonder if last night’s gang had anything to do with the attacks on former Quinn managers in Cavan?


I don’t think it was ,‘farmers’ showing solidarity. It’s the rent a mob crowd or something more sinister. There was hints of a norn iron connection to the allegedly loyalist security guards.



Back in 2008 i was all for letting the banks bust etc, i still think that would have been preferable
I was against bailing out the crazy mortgages people took out due to the warping it would do especially the unfairness for those who didnt borrow to the hilt as they would be taking these mortgages on via taxes (i`d bet if the details of the borrowings of some people were public that support would evaporate - i mean imagine if someone was going bust because they bought an apartment block in Bulgaria etc). On the plus side it would have added sales liquidity to the housing market.

Im now pondering, retrospectively, the merits of whether back in 2008 they should have cut 10 or 20% off of all mortgages issued between 2005 and 2007 or something like that. Sounds mad but think about it, and im not sure its preferable but its definitely crossing my mind.

Things they definitely shouldnt have done were selling rakes of accommodation off to vulture funds without any sight of market. It should have all gone to public housing as payment for the bailout - right?

Certain ‘remedial’ actions (like maybe some of the above but might be far too late) can take the wind out of the sails of groups of people burning cars, killing dogs and using chainsaws to get through doors. Unintended consequences may yet be reaped. There is also the flipside of injustice where richer people were able to go strategically bankrupt…

And in a perverse kind of way i`m glad someone is kicking back against the machine. Maybe that is typically Irish…

I hope they kick hard






more reading: independent.ie/business/irish/bailout-hits-1-3bn-as-kbc-pumps-130m-into-irish-arm-30890353.html

When half your loan book is impaired then your lending practices were ‘impaired’.


There seems to be more to this case than just KBC giving out too much easy credit:

independent.ie/irish-news/g … 32029.html


Dont trust the MSM. Thats a piece of spin designed to begin the process of discrediting the actions of those who came to the aid of the evicted family.

The heavies who carried out the eviction on behalf of the bailed out bank have been identified as Northern Loyalists, presumably because nobody in the South could be found who would be willing to carry out acts that are a throwback to the days of the land wars. They got what was coming to them.

Id say its more likely that it was carried out by pissed off locals than by ‘Dissident’ bogeymen.


independent.ie/irish-news/n … 04917.html

Polish lady, presumably on the housing list since she arrived in the country, gets given house while elederly Irish people are being turfed out of theirs in Roscommon.

Same journalist covering both events…interesting optics


What type of person kills a dog with a baseball bat?


Ok, I can understand suspicion of MSM reporting.But the Rev Comm case would be an easy look-up for any journalist.

But you seem to be taking the ‘Loyalist’ angle as the truth. From what I’ve seen and read, that’s just speculation. Where is you verification for that?


Take away the 50,000 new customers added in 2016, and unspecified numbers added since then, and it looks like well over 50% of loans issued before 2016 are classified as impaired, which means your lending practices were a lot worse than ‘impaired’


If I was to take that question out of context and I was on my own and a mad dog was about to attack me.
If I had a bat, I would use it in self defence.


Is agriland.ie in the MSM now?

agriland.ie/farming-news/fa … ters-list/

“Co. Roscommon farmer Anthony McGann has a penalty of €177,388.00 by the Revenue commissioners for under-declaration of VAT. In total the farmer, from Mount Brown, Strokestown owes a total of €429,501.00 to the Revenue and is the farmer with the largest figure on the tax defaulters list.”

Undeclaring VAT seems common enough amongst farmers, forgive my innocence but how they end up doing that, any food products they sell are VAT free, would that be renting out land or equipment?


Stop asking the right questions and get with the narrative.
It’s 1845 all over again ! :stuck_out_tongue:


Are bailed out banks operating on behalf of the Revenue Comissioners now?

The following is a link to a video report on the Longford leader’s website made by an eye witness who has been writing about repossessions and evictions of farmers in rural Ireland for a while now.

longfordleader.ie/news/home … essed.html

Shes been reporting on the following as per BJB’s post higher up the page…


It’s not hard to imagine a “security” dog, being more like a trained attack dog, why else would it be there and two if not to intimidate? It would not be worth it’s salt if it was not intimidating i.e. if it did not pose a serious attack threat, otherwise a few biscuits said dogs would be eating out of the palm of your hand.


Just be aware I’ve seen screenshots on Facebook of one of the so called security guys but with 3 different name’s all claiming a loyalist paramilitary to be the person. It’s easy for the wrong person to bet targeted in these situations. Not saying they weren’t Loyalists links to the firm


Polish lady who has been (presumably) working and paying rent here for 13 years, vs. tax-dodging farmer who isn’t paying his mortgage?
(though I’m not suggesting anyone should be turfed out of their house by hired goons the week before Xmas)