Eviction turns to violence in Strokestown Co. Roscommon


Cattle-smuggling gang linked to vigilante attack on Roscommon farm

The Irish Times has run a few similar such ‘stories’ today and yesterday in which they’ve alluded to the standard ‘Dissident’ bogeymen.

Varuka was also harping on about balaclavas in the Dáil.

The reaction online however has been quite something to behold, almost entirely dismissive of such reports as being in any way true… or even offering outright support (regardless of whether they are true or not) for the actions of the men who retook possession of the farm.

The IT in particular are in danger of losing all credibiltiy around this. People have seen the video of the eviction (despite repeated attempts by social media providers to delete it). Their reportage seeks to blatantly and brazenly avoid what for most is the real story.

As in France, the mainstream media itself is now becoming a target due to the fact that these days its simply impossible to control the narrative in the way that it could be in the past…and they are increasingly being perceived as mere propogandists as a result.

Likewise the credibility of the Gardaí is at zero given events of the past number of years. Theyre also being run by an ex-RUC man who had serious credibilty issues himself with one side of the community in the North as it was.

The banks and bankers are quite simply hated as figures who never took their medicine for their part in the GFC and in most cases actually prospered over the medium term.

It also shows the disconnect between the likes of people such as Varuka, Harris and Murphy who are basically from a different culture to much of the rest of the country. Scenes such as those witnessed in Strokestown simply dont resonate with them in the way they quite clearly do with much (maybe most?) of the Irish population.

Obviously the Church hierarchy has no credibility either.

So where to from here for a society where there clearly exists little or no respect (beyond the IT bubble) for any of its institutional pillars?



Always beware of the pro SF/IRA nonsense in thejournal.ie and other such site. They seem to have professional commentators spreading their nonsensical message. They are very vocal and very out of touch with how a lot of people who don’t inhabit this space think.

Finally, resorting to petty name calling and using monikers like “Varuka” dilutes your message, makes you appear childish.


Exactly, a good friend who is married to an agricultural contractor had horror story after horror story about these gombeens who pay for nothing…unless you are prepared to get very persistent or heavy with them and then they will pay.

This guy would operate partly in the territory once inhabited by Fitzmaurice, the TD, but Fitzmaurice was more of a bog contractor than an agricultural one and they would have cooperated rather than competed.

A proper journalist really should ask Fitzmaurice straight up about his own experiences in getting paid for work done instead of listening to bleating about the won’t pay classes. :frowning:

The upshot of what I heard from her was that 20% of potential customers were to be avoided at all times and 20% operated 6 to 12 months in arrears and that he would be after them constantly to get paid and would spend 2 months just on collections around this time of year. Only 60% of small farmers in Roscommon/East Galway were worth dealing with he says.

One of the funniest stories she had involved a full to the brim slurry tanker being used for certain credit control visits in November time. :smiley: :smiley:


Show me a sector that doesn’t have non payers. It happens. Remember the developers?

The big shots boy sand girls pre bust. I almost think a few made a hobby of not paying contractors and others beside, it sounds like it became almost a power trip or reflex. I could trot out my own anecdotes but not for this thread. It’s not the point.

It is inconsequential to the actual story but the establishment are playing a high risk game surreptitiously engaging media guns in open soft form of character assassination. It looks like it backfired as soon as it begun if online chatter is a reasonable reflection of the mood on the ground. The nature of the media spinning and trying to fix the frame on one side is butt naked.

I wonder could the man at the centre of all this media coverage of a type, have a case against some or all the media outlets. Perhaps claiming that his treatment at the hands of the media has ruined his reputation cataclysmically and ability to recover nothing short of impossible, but IANAL.

Finally, people have not forgotten what happened sep 28th 2008 and how they and their childrens childrens have been put on the hook for the gross fraud and undetected thus unpunished crimes of a select few yet they themselves can and will face judgment and consequences for deeds not by their hand at any moment. I guess many are beginning to see they are nothing less than frogs boiling for the last decade, at the hands of tptb.

I made this point back but the Banks fell first, not the mortgage holders but I guess it was an unconscionable outcome where people got to keep their gaffs for free or massive discounts. It would be super-normal outcome in the scheme of things. The status quo had to be maintained at all costs.

There is an old post from a prolific and erudite user who predicted and timed it pretty well if my more is correct, whom I’m sure someone can figure out maybe even find the post - it was along the lines that the plan was to string everyone along (ordinary folk) and then start to chip away at the value of assets as prices rose but by that stage many would be edging or close to retiring but unable to do so and it would be shocking and catastrophic in the end.

We are watching a good deal of that prognostication come to pass IMHO.


The difference with vets and agricultural contractors is that often they can’t get tough with debtors.

A vet who doesn’t show up to a cow in difficulty because he is owed money from prior visits will know about it.

Even those who pay bills promptly will feel obliged to boycott so it’s a vicious circle. At least that’s the perception that is there. And perception is enough.

Agricultural contractors don’t get the same 3am phonecalls but collecting from debtors is just as tough for similar reasons.


The SME sector in Ireland (particularly the ‘S’ part) is notorious when it comes to payment for services rendered.

I worked one the phones for one such firm many moons ago, much time spent on ‘the cheque is in the post’ excuse. I remember one phone call with a Belgian firm we had kept waiting for **a year ** for payment after a one-off service done by them on the basis that we were legit. It was excruciating.

A quick google search shows up Ireland as quite southern european when it comes to average days taken to settle an invoice.


To be fair there are shysters everywhere. Once worked for an English consultancy with a £40m annual turnover. Was unofficial London office accounts policy to stiff people for 90 days - usually small service providers. Made everyone’s job in the Dublin office more stressful.

They would in turn be typically stiffed on our five figure invoices by Irish clients for 120 days +. In hindsight i reckon they just thought that’s the way business was done here…


irishtimes.com/news/crime-a … 9?mode=amp

Two arrested…
Fairly spry for “elderly” men… Or does that tag only apply to those who owe money?


This eviction, however, failed. :smiley:


The law on pub opening hours and the sale of alcohol is archaic and long overdue for reform.

If the Guards were able to use their manpower for more breathalyser tests (real ones) instead of policing obsolete laws, then we’d all be better off.


He’ll always be Varuka to me XD

Plus I don’t think the outpouring of anger across the board stemming from this eviction has anything to do with Sinn Fein bots. Seems more like average Joe Soaps venting on the back of having watched the video an so realising that they’re being taken for fools…again


sorry the real story? is the real story not a serial loan and tax defaulter who was given multiple notices of eviction being evicted from his property?

and then some hoodlums attacked the security on site,

i cant see any other story.


Do you subscribe to Roy Keanes charity’s of choice ?


do you think people who don’t pay for things should retain possession?

it doesn’t get any simpler than that


I was wondering how long it would take the thread to get to this canard. It’s 2008, the day before the day of the night of Bank guarantee if you want… but the Banks fell first.

Not the people. It’s as simple as that. For many, they will and have drawn the line right there.


ah ok, so lets all default on our mortgages, why not.


sorry, I thought you had a video showing someone “literally getting their head kicked in” or “getting teeth kicked out” by people “identified as loyalists” or something?

all I see is a few fat fuckers rolling around and getting dragged out from a property they don’t own. Literally no punching and no kicking. the only blood is at 1m45s (on the Bubbles looking security guy)

BTW - nice bit of ad hom… I already have a gaff, so presumably should be looking to inflate property prices?


you might want to look up the meaning of canard.


There is video maybe you need to watch it thepropertypin.com/viewtopi … 72#p940672

Not sure why tax defaulting has anything to do with this story (it’s very easy to be a defaulter even if you never intended to be and be fined on to of it) since it’s not the revenue who employed the sheriff but a bank afaik.

That story appears to be nothing but a Government lead flank of spin and shut slinging at one man. Character assassination. Extra-Trial by media.

There is a real possibility that past debts and maybe penalties incurred Revenue lead to this point. Perhaps the Revenue lit the match on this bomb. The State has all the power it needs to destroy anyone. More power than many have ever imagined. It could have been a number of hubris filled years on this person part before they keeled over from the deathly blow.