Eviction turns to violence in Strokestown Co. Roscommon


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not much sympathy in comments


Today’s protest march had it all…Shell to Sea, a speech from Maura Harrinton, Eirigi, Sinn Fein.

A quality gathering


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paying 11.5% of what he should be paying, if we bundled up all the farmer in Roscommon owed, including what he owes revenue, and got him a mortgage with the same back at the same fraction the problem would be solved eh

Maybe we can do that for everyone? No? Or just the bankers and co? Are evictions just for the little guy?


Ex Paddy Powers executive with pots of money does not demonstrate financial stupidity by paying down principal on his interest only mortgage secured during the Celtic tiger era.

But hey, some people would prefer the financially naive to be running our banks :slight_smile:

For the record trackers mortgages were as cheap as ECB + 0.3%


Not so sure we had to many smart people running our Banks in the 00s. Hopefully we don’t too many bookies running our Banks now :wink:


“The farmer” - except his debts aren’t simple farm debts and he’s not paying them.

He owes several hundred to Revenue FFS.

That money could be used to help the fucking “little guy”/homeless babies

Twenty odd grand to Land Rover financial services… I’m guessing he wasn’t buying fertilizer from them


That’s one of many weird things about Ireland; despite invoking the memory of those evicted 19th century tenant farmers ad nauseam, we still revere property ownership. The nearest modern equivalent of that vulnerable class might be the low income renters of Dublin - in any case, certainly not landowners down the country.


I don’t think I’ve proposed anything.

I’ve simply outlined what I see as the reasoning for why so many people appear to have sympathy for the evicted in this instance ie the sentiment appears to be made up of a hodge podge of basic sympathy for the family as well as anti banker, anti politician sentiment along with a bit of republicanism on the part of some and a degree of revulsion at what seemed like a rekindling of historical folk memories around evictions generally.

Ive suggested that the reaction in support of the family, to include in particular the violent eviction of the security personnel, is what happens when legitimacy is perceived as having been removed, rightly or wrongly, from the actions of the State actors or those acting on behalf of the financial institution. And I’ve sought to explain why I think that’s the case.

I’ve also suggested that the mantra of “Pay your debts cos that’s what good citizens do” rings pretty hollow and hypocritical in light of what we know to have transpired over the past 10 years, regardless of whatever haircut was taken on bank shares during the same period.

As I suggested earlier in the thread large numbers of people appear to have very little regard left for what might be termed the institutional pillars that underpin Irish society, across the board. Personally I can’t think of one institution that retains the widespread respect of the populace apart from maybe some sporting organizations such as the gaa or the Irfu. And I’ve suggested that such vacuums generally end up being filled by someone or something.


Agree with pretty much all of that ^^.

Except that “this [violence] is what you get when institutions fail the people” (that’s a paraphrase not a quote) is an incomplete explanation. There have been a number of evictions around the country and I don’t remember any of them resulting in arson and beatings.

The irony is that the victim in this case is a failed capitalist.


Absolutely. The failure to convict Bertie of graft in anything other than public opinion is damaging for all of us, since it strongly suggests that politicians are above the law.


Yes, and those are the ones that NAMA was designed to help. By marking the great and goods’ loans to market when taking them from the banks, NAMA only has incentive to get the marked value back. Any well advised borrower was, I reckon, making an offer of the marked value plus some profit for NAMA.

With personal insolvency arrangements available, though, and the banks willing to deal to make the problem go away, anyone not cutting a deal of some sort, you suspect some holdouts are being greedy.

edit: what’s with the absolutely!


imho, an unpaid mortgage is there in black and white. It’s not uncommon and there are systems and protocols for how it’s handled.

A wiley old politician/banker before a tribunal/court, who has lived a life of ducking and diving, smoke and daggers if you will, is a different proposition.


It is, but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do something about it, even after the fact. If one horse bolts, we always have others…


It looks exactly like IO at ECB+60bp.

If I had a tracker of that size and his wealth I’d go very long on equities.


Exact same rate I got from BoI on my tracker, albeit repayment.


I like horses. Majestic and noble animals. You wouldn’t mind seeing them run free.
The dodgy politician/banker on the other hand, they’re more like the octopus.

Here’s one at a tribunal.


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